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Top 5 Free Useful Nepali Apps You Should Download Right Now! | 2017

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Nepal’s mobile application market is growing significantly in recent years. Many mobile applications are launched now and then. The ever growing development of technology has also increased the numbers of mobile application developers in the country resulting in more and more Nepali apps.

With thousands of Nepali apps on the app market, searching for the best and useful apps is a daunting task. So to make thing easy for you, here we have listed the top five useful Nepali apps based on their real world use. These apps are conceptualized and designed to increase our productivity and make our life a tad bit fun with less hassle. Below listed are our picks.

Top 5 Free Useful Nepali Apps | 2017

#5. Hamro Nepali Keyboard

hamro nepali keyboard

Hamro Nepali Keyboard is a specially designed Nepali keyboard for those who love typing in the Nepali language. The built-in feature provides the functionality lets you use Nepali texts in any other application. To type anything in Nepali, you must write the “English” version of the Nepali word and the app will automatically translate the given word into Nepali.  This application supports Unicode Transliteration, MPP based Romanized layout, and traditional layout. While the keyboard might seem different at first, you will get the hang of it.

If you want an easier way to type in Nepali then Hamro Keyboard is the right app for you!

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#4. Nepali Dictionary – Offline

nepali dictionary offline

Nepali Dictionary – Offline is a useful app developed by Hamro Patro. This is a first Nepali offline dictionary that can be used without the internet once the full setup is completed. The app features a unique “two-way” dictionary, meaning that the words can be Nepali-English or vice versa. Other features include Word Game (Hangman), Word of the day, Pronunciation and Word Search Game. UI is plain and simple; the games are quite fun and they will definitely help you learn better Nepali.

If you want to increase your Nepali vocabulary, then Nepali Dictionary is just the application for you!

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#3. NET TV Nepal

net tv nepal

NET TV NEPAL is the first Commercial IPTV Service in Nepal that allows users to view live TV. It allows users to access their favorite Live TV channels, movies, and other contents through Android phones, tablets, iPhone, iPad, and etc. Most Nepali TV services are free to watch as long as users are connected to internet or Wi-Fi. Premium international channels can also be viewed via subscription at cheaper rates. The design is simple and easy to use. It is free for download on both Android and iOS.

If you want to watch live TV on your phone, then NET TV Nepal app is just what you need!

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#2. Hamro Patro

hamro patro

Hamro Patro is the most popular Nepali app in the play store. It is easy to use all informative app. This application is focused on Nepali demographic. It shows the Nepali calendar including public/festival holidays and highlights major events of Nepal. Other features include online FM, various news portal, Forex, horoscope and much more. This abundant list of features, combined with beautiful UI has made “Hamro Patro” the most downloaded app in Nepali market.

If you want a Nepali calendar with extra features to enjoy, then Hamro Patro is just the app you’re searching for!

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#1. eSewa


eSewa is the next generation payment system in Nepal. It is a Digital Payment Portal which allows users to make online payment for various purposes. The core function is similar to Android Pay and Apple Pay which removes the necessity of physical money. The app is not limited to Mobile Banking. eSewa account can be used for various utility payments such as buying Recharge cards, online shopping, money transfer and much more. This application implements a secured online transaction so you need not worry about anything.

If you are looking for hassle-free online payments in Nepal, then just download eSewa!

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What do you think of these apps? Are they useful to you? Do you have any other apps better than what we have compiled? Let us know what you think and your favorite picks in the comments below. 

Edited By – Anmol Shrestha

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