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Top 5 Finalist of ICT Awards 2018 Announced, Public Voting Opens

Third ICT AWARDS 2018 has selected top five contestants in the category of product and startup after a series of the selection process. The selection committee decided on five nominees each in two different categories.

According to the organizer, in the startup company category, CellApp Innovation, ekGhanti Services, Nepali Paisa Media Pvt. Ltd. People Development Lab Pvt. Ltd and Sarathi Pvt. Ltd. have successfully secured their position in the top five. Jury Coordinator Mr. Hempal Shrestha informed us, isolution life, Sarathi, Smartpalika, Thirdworld Nepal and Udhyami Nepal are the top five best products.

The nomination was open from Asad 1-19 for 7 different categories and there were hundred plus nominations. Event Coordinator Mr. Tushar Neupaney told, “We had 27 nominations for startup company award, 25 nominations for the best product award after 3 selection phases only top 5 remain in the competition.” For the third selection process, participants went through “Presentation and Speed Dating” session on Shrawan 5. At the end of the event, 10 jury members selected top 5 out of 12 by voting on marking criteria that were available to the jury and the participants beforehand.

The top five finalists have to compete in online and SMS voting starting from Wednesday Shrawan 9. Online voting will be open till Shrawan 18, for ten days. Organizer Mr. Razan Lamsal informed us that, when the result from online voting is available, each candidate’s vote from the jury and online voting will be added to find out the award winner for ICT Awards 2018.

The gala event will be held on Bhadra 1 at the Hotel Radisson. In the event, best in all 7 categories will be awarded. According to the organizer, the program will be aired on a national television and online.

“We will try to find investments for the deserving candidates of the ICT Awards” jury member Mr. Sushil Pokharel from CEO of Sushmit Investment informed the press. This award is very important for those who are working in the field of technology, Mr. Pokharel insisted. Award advisor, ex-minister Mr. Ganesh Sah told the press, the award is crucial for the development of information technology.

How to vote online and through SMS?

Top five candidates for startup and product can vote online and through SMS now. To vote online they have to visit www.ictaward.org/vote. To vote through SMS you have to type ICT<Company/ProductCode>. Voting closes on August 3, Shrawan 18.

Selection process of other 5 categories 

ICT Award 2018 has a total of 7 categories. Apart from startup and product, the organizers are still busy finalizing the winners for the other five categories. The jury is going through the information from available nominations of Pioneer, Diaspora, Entrepreneur, Digital Governance and Media Award. There are more than 60 nominations in these five categories. The jury and advisor can do more nominations in these five categories. Winners in all categories will be awarded on Bhadra 1st in a grand event.

(Press Release)

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