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Tootle Partner App is Now Available on iOS

Hey Guys, were you feeling that the daily trips that you take around Kathmandu could be put to better use? Or maybe you just wanted to make money sharing ride with strangers? But you probably were let down when you realized that one of the ride-hailing service in Kathmandu, Tootle, didn’t have an app for your phone because you were using an iPhone.

tootle partner app ios

Be sad no more people. Because, Tootle has finally released its partner app for iOS. You can now accept a request for a ride from an iPhone.

Visually there is not much difference between the Tootle Partner app in iOS and Tootle Partner app in Android. The icons are a little smaller on the android for some reason but other than that, they look identical and function in the same way.

Seeing how popular Tootle has become, we were surprised to learn that they didn’t already have an app for iOS. Why did it take so long? We don’t know. But it’s better late than never, isn’t it? Savor this moment, iOS users.

Just a heads up on current situation in Kathmandu. The 4 days of Asia Pacific Summit will see crowded public vehicle in Kathmandu due to the odd-even rule. So, if you’re having difficulty in reaching your destination, you could just Tootle or Pathao.

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