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Tips for Making your Outdoor Space More Interactive

In recent years, people have come to appreciate outdoor spaces so much more. Having suitable places to sit and relax alone or with family has become highly valued. Getting sufficient fresh air can also help ward off illness and boost the immune system. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your outdoor areas and encourage family time or simply have a breath of fresh air.

Split your Garden into Zones

Establish which areas of your garden get the most sun and cordon these off into outdoor rooms. The zone can be separated and marked out with flower beds, paving, or outdoor furniture. Large pot plants can also help to delineate these spaces. Additionally, a low fence on one or two sides gives the area more of a feel of being a room and can mark off corners. Use stone or metal where appropriate as these withstand the elements best.

Providing Shelter and Warmth from Inclement Weather

The weather needs to be taken into consideration, whether it rains or the sun shines too brightly when structuring an outdoor area. Awnings or outdoor canopies are perfect for protection from the weather, providing shade, or keeping the rain off you. Canopies can form a flat roof or be retractable or louvered. It can either be affixed to a nearby wall or if your outdoor area does not have a suitable place to fit it, you can get a freestanding canopy.

Having a fixed roof provides you with a place to hang lanterns from. Some people like to turn it into a green grassed roof. A retractable or louvered roof enables you to determine how much air and light you admit, which you may want to decrease on sunny days.

You can keep warm with patio heaters and the use of integrated lighting. This means that you can stay outdoors to watch the sunset and even enjoy your evening meal outdoors. This is also great for entertaining friends.

Continue your Indoor Flooring Outwards

You may opt to utilize the outdoor space leading from the interior of your home, such as the kitchen. By putting in French windows or patio doors, you can open up this space beautifully. Use the same flooring tiles and extend them to cover your outdoor area for a seamless look. This also makes your indoor space appear so much larger, plus it will be easier to heat and light this outdoor zone.

Furnishing your Outdoor Space

Tables and outdoor seating are essential basics for an outside area to allow people to dine, read, have a cup of tea, or simply relax. One large table is best if you are going to be using the area for dining. Smaller tables are useful for individuals to place cups, a book, and their knitting, etc.

Select a theme and color scheme. Do you want something bright and cheery or more natural greens with plenty of potted plants? What will work with your existing flooring, or do you have the option to change it? Aim for an integrated look and use different textures to provide some contrast.

Ultimately, how you put it all together is determined by your personal preferences.

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