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Govt. Invites Tenders For Supply of 750,000 Smart Driving Licenses

licenseThe government has issued a call for tenders for the supply of 750,000 smart driving licenses.

A smart driving license card is an electronic plastic card with an embedded microchip which contains the information on driver’s identity and vehicle registration number. The smart card will have the appearance similar to a sim card.

Department of Transport Management (DOTM) of Nepal is set to take applications for electronic “smart” driving license from mid-December, with an aim to replace old paper-based licenses.

DOTM officials have also planned to replace blue books. Moreover, Smart card readers will be made available to DOTM staffs and traffic police to access data encoded on the card.

The licenses will be received by some international security printer by November this year if the tender process goes smoothly according to DOTM General Director, Rup Narayan Bhattarai.

Currently, the Madras Security Printers of India supplies the cards to the DOTM. A consignment of 70,000 cards is yet to be received from the Indian company.

The drivers will have to go through written and trial exam to receive a smart driving license whereas the drivers with the old driving license can get it while renewing it.

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