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Technological Influence on Society

Technology is the application of engineering and science on the day to day activities. Technology has changed how most things are done in society today. As days go by, people are becoming dependent on technology. Communication, traveling, business, learning, and entertainment all have been made easy with technological growth.

In this era, technological growth is typical, and society and technology are becoming inseparable. If you are a student and need help with your assignment, help me write my thesis is the keywords to search online that can help you get good quality grades. Technology has influenced society both positively and negatively. Let you get to see some of the influences of technology in culture today.

Positive Technological Influence

1. Improved Communication

Communication is an essential aspect of society. People need to communicate to make their businesses run, encourage political growth, and keep connections with friends and relatives. Technology has made it easy through the invention of electronic means of communication. Society has evolved from communication through smoke signals, messengers, and beating of drums, to today’s easy, fast, and effective ways of communication.

Today, people communicate through mobile phones, electronic mails, radio, social media and television, making it easy to interact globally. Through the internet, video calls and zoom meetings are easy, and you can hold a conference meeting with investors and workers from anywhere in the world.

2. Easy Transportation

Transportation is vital in society to enhance growth. With the invention of buses, cars, trains, airplanes, and ferries, moving from one place to another has been more accessible. People owning businesses can transport their goods and services to areas with high demands.

Improved roads have made it easy for development in rural areas. Also, movement from rural to urban areas or one urban area searching for employment has been made easy. With water transport, people can cross oceans and seas for business engagements.

Additionally, technology has invented apps like uber drive, which are affordable and reliable if you need to get somewhere urgently any time of the day.

3. Mechanization of Agriculture

Agriculture is the backbone of society, and through it, people get food and produce for sale. The mechanization of agriculture has made it easy for large-scale farmers. Instead of using animals and human labor, farmers use plowing, planters, watering, and harvesting machines.

Large-scale farming brings growth to the economy because farmers can plant cash crops, which are income sources. Also, through technology, fertilizers are manufactured, which add value to the soil, improve growth, and generate high-quality produce. Farmers from dry areas have access to automated water pumps, making it easy to get water from rivers.

4. Improvement in Education Sector

Education is an essential aspect of the growth of society. When most people get educated, society grows economically and politically. With modern technology, learning has been made easy, and students can access learning materials while at home.

With eLearning processes, learners can get higher education from well-known universities without having to travel abroad. Through Google search, YouTube, and podcasts, people can get educated anytime. Through a simple search and click, you can access information on how various things are carried out. The use of computers, iPad, projectors, and smart whiteboards has made learning fun and enjoyable for students.

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5. Improvement in Health Sector

For growth in society, people need to be in a good health state. Through technology, people can access better health care. In long-term pains with unknown causes, patients’ can access x-rays that will show the underlying problems. Also, through technology, doctors can print implants and joints that they may need during surgical procedures.

Technology has also made it possible for cancer patients to access chemotherapy which helps in killing cancer cells. Generally, the hospital has been made a better place through technology. Doctors can keep patients’ information for a very long time using computers, and in case of recurrence, treatment becomes more manageable.

Negative Technological Influences on the Society

1. Unemployment

Many people have lost their jobs because of mechanization. Many companies use machines to carry out various procedures, which would have been done with the workforce.

For instance, if the industry needed five workers for a procedure, they will need one person who monitors the device when they turn to machines. That means four people have been rendered jobless.

Back then, in the agriculture sector, they would need manpower for digging, planting, and harvesting. With machines, all they need is a machine operator to get the job done in few hours. As much as technology reduces working time and increases productivity, it also reduces the workforce, causing unemployment.

But all in all, technology has created jobs for robotic engineers, coders, designers, social media marketers, copywriters and many other niches.

2. Depletion of Resources

Technology is growing at a high rate, which means using more natural resources for growth. Every day there is an increase in demand for phones, computers, fuel, and food. Natural resources like minerals get depleted because of the pressure to create more technological equipment.

As we work on making the technology better, we are making it risky for the coming generation. Lack of natural resources will cause a decrease in the food supply because the ground becomes less fertile.


We get to see that technology has both positive and negative influences. However, the positive impacts outweigh the negatives. As we embrace technology, we should be aware of its benefits and effects. When a new thing is invented, take time to see if it is good or bad for you.

How you use technology will determine how it affects you. Embrace the positive impacts of technology, and be cautious not to be affected by its negativities.

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