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TCL TV Price in Nepal (June 2024 Updated)

Looking to buy a new TCL TV? Confused by the many different models of TCL TVs in Nepal? This list is for you.

TCL TV Price in Nepal

TCL is a Chinese multinational electronics company headquartered in Huizhou, Guangdong Province. It designs, develops, manufactures, and sells products including television sets, mobile phones, air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, and small electrical appliances.

In this list of TCL TVs in Nepal, we’ll break down the TCL TVs available in Nepal by their types and hopefully, help you make your decision.

TCL TV in Nepal

So you might be wondering who sells these TCL TV in Nepal. CG is the official distributor for TCL TV in Nepal. We recommend buying from authorized channels so as to avoid having issues down the road.

Currently, there are a total of 11 TCL TVs in Nepal. The TCL TV price in Nepal ranges from Rs. 26,890 to Rs. 2,43,390. Customers can get 1 year and up to 3 years of warranty depending on the product. You can check more details about their policy here.

For those of you who want to know how to find the exact TV and its functions using the model number, here’s how TCL names its TVs.

TCL TV Naming Convention
TCL TV Naming Convention

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TCL TV in Nepal Price List

TCL TV Price Range in Nepal
Normal TV Rs. 26890
Smart TV Rs. 34890- Rs. 51490
Curved TV Rs. 76690
UHD Rs. 58190- Rs. 243390
QLED Rs. 135090- Rs. 198190

TCL TV Price in Nepal 2024

TCL Normal LED TV Price in Nepal


Normal TVs are traditional TVs that only work with a cable connection from your channel provider. It is unable to connect to the internet or use apps for streaming.

TCL Normal TVs Model Price in Nepal (MRP) Offer Price (Limited Time)
32" 32D3000 Rs. 26890 Rs. 21490

TCL Smart TV Price in Nepal

TCL Smart TV
TCL Smart TV

Smart TVs are those TVs that can connect to the internet and use apps for streaming or other purposes. Usually, you get “AndroidTV” installed on SmartTVs from TCL with Google Play Store as the default app store.

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TCL Smart TVs Model Price in Nepal (MRP) Offer Price (Limited Time)
32" 32S5400AF Rs. 34890 Rs. 27790
43" 43S5200 Rs. 51490 Rs. 40990
43" 43S5400A Rs. 51490 Rs. 40990

TCL Curved TV Price in Nepal

CurvedTVs are not very common right now but they were pretty hype a few years back. Curved TVs provide another layer of immersion as the display panel itself curves to mimic the shape of the human eye.

TCL Curved TV
TCL Curved TV

You need to view these TVs from a more central perspective and require a size large enough to take most of your field of vision to truly experience the immersion.

TCL Curved TVs Model Price in Nepal (MRP) Offer Price (Limited Time)
55" 55P3FS Rs. 76690 Rs. 65190

TCL UHD TV Price in Nepal

A UHD TV (also called a 4K TV) is a TV set with 4K resolution. They typically have a resolution of 3840 x 2160 on TVs, for a total of about 8.3 million pixels. Currently, 4K TVs are gaining popularity worldwide as they are getting affordable every year.


If you have a decent-sized room and like watching movies and shows in High picture quality, you can’t go wrong with 4K TVs. TCL also offers 4K TVs in a multitude of price ranges and sizes.

TCL UHD TVs Model Price in Nepal (MRP) Offer Price (Limited Time)
43" 43P635 Rs. 58190 Rs. 46290
55" 55P635 Rs. 92890 Rs. 75890
65" 65P635 Rs. 130790 Rs. 106790
75" 75P735 with Camera Rs. 243390 Rs. 198690

TCL QLED TV Price in Nepal

QLED TV is a TV based on Quantum dot, and this Quantum dot material is what differentiates QLED TVs from ordinary TVs.


Quantum dots are ultrafine semiconductor materials of nanoscale size. These points produce different colors of light depending on the size of the particle. They are able to emit precisely colored light because the particle size adjusts at quantum-level speeds, resulting in precise and efficient light emission.

This leads to QLED TVs having some of the most color-accurate and vibrant displays on the market.

TCL QLED TVs Model Price in Nepal (MRP) Offer Price (Limited Time)
55" 55C735 with Camera Rs. 135090 Rs. 110290
65" 65C735 with Camera Rs. 198190 Rs. 161790

Where to buy a TCL TV in Nepal?

If you are looking to buy a TCL TV in Nepal and wonder where the official stores for TCL are in Nepal. You can buy TCL TVs online here or from authorized CG stores, in the offline market. Check out the below table.

Location Contact No.
Inside Kathmandu
Basundhara 01-5911023
Hattigauda 01-4376815
Jorpati 01-5134087
Kumaripati 01-5408771
Nayabazar 01-4364072
Ravibhawan 01-5376049
Tangal Bhatbhateni 01-4531837
Tripureshwor 01-4117002
Teku 01-5914179
Gattaghar/Bhaktapur 01-5913182
Radhe Radhe/Bhaktapur 01-6638472
Outside Kathmandu
Banepa/Kavre 011-665679
Bharatpur/Chitwan 056-538020
Hetauda 057-590778
Itahari 025-581126
Pokhara 061-591113

Thoughts on TCL TV Price in Nepal

So this was our list of TCL TV price in Nepal 2024. TCL is not quite able to compete with the likes of Samsung and LG in the TV market of Nepal but they are also a respectable brand in their own rights. The notable competition for TCL in the TV department comes from Hisense, and Skyworth.

TCL TVs offer good price-to-performance and have become a decent option for those looking to buy a new TV but not splurge too much. While they do have more expensive premium-offerings available, they are mostly popular in the mid-tier budget segment.

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What do you think of the TCL TV in Nepal? Let us know in the comments!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the TCL TV price in Nepal?
TCL TV in Nepal price ranges from Rs. 26,890 to Rs. 2,43,390.

Who is the authorized distributor of TCL TV in Nepal?
CG is the authorized distributor of TCL TV in Nepal.

What is the most expensive TCL Television in Nepal?
The 75″ 75P735 with Camera model is the most expensive TCL TV in Nepal. It costs Rs. 2,43,390.

Which is the cheapest TCL TV in Nepal?
The 32″ 32D3000 LED TV model is the cheapest TCL TV in Nepal. It costs Rs. 26,890.

Which is the best TCL TV in Nepal?
The TCL QLED TV series is the best TCL TV in Nepal.

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