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With Subash Pathak, Developer of Prepros


Prepros, a tool that compiles LESS, Sass, Compass, Stylus, Jade and much more with automatic CSS prefixing, comes with built in server for cross browser testing. It can handle automatically all of our pre-processing needs. It is an open source GUI compiler, similar to CodeKit for pre-processing languages like LESS, Sass, Compass, Stylus, Markdown, CoffeeScript, and so on. It is operable on Windows, Mac, OS X and Linux. Problem of multilingual processing has been solved after the release of Prepros on May 1, 2013.

Subash Pathak, a guy currently studying B.Sc.IT, is the founder of this tool, Prepros. He has lot of curiosity regarding the technology that were already developed, are developing and that will develop in the near future. He compares the importance of programming to the real world problem. He tries to solve every problems with the help of programming. He codes them. Prepros was developed because of this curious nature.

subhash pathak
Subash Pathak, Developer of Prepos

He is a young guy. Being not so aged, he developed such a tool. He is the source of inspiration for the youngsters who are thinking of doing something in the field of technology. You cannot explore yourself until you come up with something. The only factor to let you know among the society is to do something for society. Subash Pathak is now well known for his contribution in the field of technology.

Get to know some information regarding the life of Subash Pathak, the tools that he developed, his future plans and his message for the youngsters.


Aside from programming, travelling & taking photographs are his hobbies.

Development of Prepros

Prepros was started as a small pet project while he was learning programming after +2. The sheer size of web has always fascinated him. He was a curious guy. So, he started learning web development. As days went by, he learned about Sass and LESS which are pre-processing languages. There were no tools to compile LESS/Sass on windows. So he decided to make a small tool for his own use.He started it and finally achieved success in his pursuit. It has multiple features like compiling various pre-processing languages, optimizing images. Later he put Prepros on the internet and then people also started using it.

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Prepros was made for own use later it was used by the web designers and developers.When Prepros was launched, there were no tools like it.As we know, the first solution certainly simplifies the problem somehow, this product also being first in the market certainly helped a lot. Prepros currently has a pretty sizable audience who use it daily.

Future Plans

Currently he is actively working on Prepros but has many side projects also. His side projects include many applications with new ideas and innovations like flag maker and other few open source node modules that he maintains.

Lastly, he concluded as, “I don’t think I am experienced enough to give suggestions yet. But from experience that I gained till today, I think following your dream and doing what your heart says is the right path to take, no matter the field of work.”


Author Bio

This is an article by Sabin Pathak. He is a student of Computer Science. With a great passion of writing he has been describing pros and cons of society with a materialistic view.

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