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Sony Brand Day at Daraz – Discounts Up to 80% and Exclusive Offers

Guess what, March 15th is another brand day at Daraz and its time for Sony. If you don’t know what Brand days are, you can read our comprehensive article about them here. Basically, a Brand day is a day when products from a specific brand are heavily discounted. This is a new concept brought in by Daraz and I liked it very much. Brand days come twice in a month. March 15th is the Brand day for Sony at Daraz.


Sony has planned a ton of discounts and offers for this day. Sony says that consumers will get to enjoy unbelievable discounts of up to 80% and exclusive deals on phones, TVs, Cameras, and other accessories. Along with discounts, customers can also win the giveaway prize of up to Rs.14,500 by following the Sony Store on Daraz.

Check the Sony deals on Daraz

Phone discounts 

Sony has claimed that you would be able to get up to 52% off on their phones available in Nepal. For the Sony phones available in Nepal check our site; if you want to see which phones are specifically available on Daraz, check Sony’s Daraz Mall. In any case, 52% is a huge discount.

However, Sony has said that a minimum of 33% discount will be available on phones. That means that a hefty discount on every Sony phone is guaranteed.

TV discounts

Sony TVs, most people’s favorite Sony products, will get up to 37% off. That is very attractive for Sony TVs. Their screens are gorgeous. You can also apply Vouchers up to Rs. 5000 on your purchase on selected models.

Camera discounts

To some people, none of these discounts would be as alluring as the one I am about to write about right now. People who are into photography will rejoice to hear that Sony will be slashing the price of some of its cameras by about 27% on the Brand day. You might also get freebies worth up to Rs. 17000.


Of course, these are not the only discounts. You might get goodies (most probably games and consoles) worth up to Rs. 16000 on the purchase of a PS4. Storage items like pen drives are getting up to 23% off and there is up to 80% discount on other accessories.

One more thing

These are some massive discounts coming to your way people. If you like a Sony product and had been thinking of buying it for a while, the brand day is the right time. So, don’t forget to check out Sony’s brand day page on Daraz. And when you do that, don’t forget to follow Sony on Daraz to get the chance to win Sony Xperia L2. The winners of Xperia L2 will be announced on 15th March.

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