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KMC Installs 12 Solar Powered Dustbins; Plans to Install 60 Around Kathmandu

Solar powered dustbins are the new thing to take up the roads of Kathmandu as KMC have already installed 12 solar powered dustbins.

KMC plans to install 60 solar powered dustbins along the Singha Durbar-Bhadrakali-Tundikhel-Ranipokari route and New Road-Basantapur road section in the coming days. For now, you will find these solar dustbins along the road of Baneshwor-Maitighar section and Tinkune-Airport section.

These dustbins come with digital display boards for advertisement purpose and there are two sets of dustbins. One of them will be used to dump organic waste whereas the other will be used to dump solid wastes.

The solar-powered dustbins will show time, the temperature of the area, and the pollution level. And, interestingly there will be charging ports on the dustbin as well. So, now you can charge your mobile phone through a dustbin. But, I highly doubt people would want to do that because it’s a dustbin, and it will stink obviously.

This action is a follow up on the promise that KMC made two years ago to install the solar-powered dustbins.

Addition of public dustbins is a welcome but more than that regular maintenance of the dustbins is necessary. While these dustbins will help in controlling public littering, it also serves a commercial purpose with digital advertisements.

However, dustbins won’t mean anything if people don’t care about cleanliness. So, make it a habit to use the public dustbins.

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