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Govt. Starts “Smart” Parking Service in Kathmandu: How Smart is It?

The government has been trying to adopt technology to manage the mess that the Metropolitan has become. Last month, we heard news about the project that aimed to install electric charging stations in the valley. Today, the tech world is abuzz with the revelation of a smart parking service initiated by the government.

Exactly what is the smart parking service? This is a digital parking space booking service. To book a parking space, you download an app called Park KTM via play store or app store first. Then you choose whether you want the space for a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler and the place where you want to park in the app. Then the app will give you a phone number that you’ll have to call to book your parking space. If you don’t reach the parking space within 15 minutes, your reservation will be canceled.

You can also book the parking space when you reach the parking spots if the spots are available. You will have to use the app to book when you are at the parking spot too.

The parking spots are currently limited and available in only a few places. The spots are available in Khichapokhari, Pako Sadak, Pyukha, and Sukrapath(Bishal Bazaar). More spots will also be added near Durbarmarg (according to the app).

The fare for two-wheelers is Rs. 25 per hour and for four-wheelers is Rs. 60 per hour. According to the KMC office, these spots are capable of holding 800 two wheelers and 40 four wheelers at one time. Attendants wearing GoPro cameras will be monitoring the spaces all the time.

While all this is good news. I don’t know if you can label this as a ‘smart’ parking solution. Of course, it makes your life a little easier but you still have to interact with a human intermediator. Anyway, maybe the system will improve in the future and we will see a fully automated parking system.

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