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Khalti to Conduct ‘Smart Chhori’ Project to Empower 5000 Adolescent Girls

Khalti Digital Wallet has been selected for SPRING Accelerator program. Under this program, Khalti will work on its ‘Smart Chhoris’ program to improve the lives of teenage girls throughout Nepal.

The Details:

  • Khalti will provide 5000 teenage girls of Nepal leadership opportunities through digital payments. It will teach the girls to use financial technology and prepare them to be self-dependent.
  • Khalti is a part of 20 startups from Bangladesh, Myanmar, Nepal, and Pakistan that were selected for the this program.
  • The Accelerator was created in response to research showing that girls, when economically empowered, have a unique ability to transform lives and help end the cycle of intergenerational poverty.
  • Designed to transform the lives of adolescent girls by creating sustainable markets for life-enhancing products and services, SPRING Accelerator Program is a unique program giving businesses and social enterprises in East Africa and South Asia nine months of world-class technical expertise.

Why it matters:

  • Under this program, Khalti aims to teach the girls various sets of life skills and raise awareness and financial literacy in the girls.
  • It will make the girls financially independent via income generating activities. The girls will start earning and getting economically empowered after learning the necessary skills.

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