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Which Slots to Play on your Apple Watch?

The design and functionality of Apple Watches changed and adapted to people’s needs fast. Nowadays, you don’t want a watch that only tells you the time; you want to multitask.

From telling the steps, heart rate, and stress levels, it evolved to changing music from your phone, showing the weather. The latest Apple Watches can be personalized with your favorite photos, and you can set them up much quicker. Besides the classic health measurements, playing music, and taking pictures, you can now play games on your watch.

Slots Time!

Slots Time! is the first game of chance designed by Little Labs exclusively for Apple Watches. The slot game has mini-games with various aesthetics, themed rooms, and daily challenges. The themed rooms combine some of the most beloved classic subjects like Egyptian Gods, pirates, and fruits.

You can compete in the daily slots tournament for special in-game prizes. Moreover, you get free daily tokens and can set alerts never to miss the 2x Gold Payout tournament.

The game’s overall rating in the Apple Store is above 4. You can download the app without any cost and make in-game purchases of coins and other special features.

Double Luck Nudge Slots

Double Luck Nudge is an award-winning slots game with a clean design. It’s a three-reel slot game made by Purple Gator. It is not strictly designed for Apple Watches. You can play it on your iPhone too.

The game offers you a theme with cherries, 7’s, Double Bars, and Nudges. This slot has a nudge feature that tells you the direction of the reel once this stops spinning. This Apple Watch slot game is free and doesn’t have in-app purchases. You can watch videos on your watch and get more tokens.

777 Watch Slots Casino

Another game with an easy-to-remember name, 777 Watch Slots Casino, is a new choice for your watch. The theme is classic, with the most known icons like fruits, sevens, and clovers, and the rules are simple.

You have two options if you have no more credit before hitting the Jackpot. You can either purchase coins or just hit the reset button and start over the game for free. If you wish to know what prizes the slots have, click on the Pay Table button.

Milano Poker: Slot for Watch

Gosiha Pte. Ltd brought the neon-themed slots to your wrist. The theme is the first you’ll remember this game for. The icons are neon colors, and the symbols combine gems, fruits, and lucky charms.

It has some of the best ratings in the Apple Store. Milano Poker: Slot for Watch is free to download, and you can buy in-app bundles of coins. You also get daily awards if you’re not interested in investing real money in the game.

Twirlaloop Slots

Twirlaloop Slots is one of the top slots on Apple Watches. The game has three reels and five lines with cool symbols that will make you think about the top Vegas casinos.

The game has a live leaderboard to see how every player is doing. It also offers you a selection of five slots and the possibility of obtaining free coins. An interesting twist about this casino game is that you can play it simultaneously on both Apple Watch and iPhone. It uses a unique feature that shares your coins and scores for both devices.

Extra Features

While browsing on Apple Store, you might wonder why the aesthetics of some slots are somehow familiar. The games’ developers follow the latest trends to get the players excited but never overlook the classic details of the old slot machines.

Many gamblers play Mega Moolah and Book of Ra for various benefits at online casinos. So naturally, the newest games will copy some details from them to attract more players.

Moreover, the slots from any developer generally follow the same rules, patterns, and types of promotions. You get a wildcard symbol, you can win jackpots, and every reputable casino establishment offers bonuses for the top slots.

Is it worth it?

After reading so far, maybe this question popped into your mind. It might be if you love to play on your phone and are passionate about slots. The games are free, and you don’t have to purchase tokens or credits to play if you don’t feel like investing money in games.

You know if it’s worth your time and attention. Sometimes when you’re bored, you start playing games on your phone or console.

Playing games of chance on your watch is new, and not everyone knows about it. So, people will most likely stare at you when you play while waiting for the bus or your morning coffee. However, think about how you would feel having a complete casino experience wrapped around your wrist.

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