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10 Amazing Gadget and Electronic Deals on SastoDeal Dashain Mela

Festival season is approaching near. You know what it means. It means celebration and meeting your family after a long time. It means showing your family and friends how much they mean to you. It means splurging your hard-earned cash on buying gifts for your loved ones.

deals dashain satodeal

But the festival season also means that there will be numerous deals and discounts flying at you. How do you know which deals are legit? How do you find the one deal for you among the seemingly endless discounts? Keep checking Techlekh. We will be posting about all the worth it deals in our site as they pop-up.

Today, we are sharing with you some of the best deals available on SastoDeal, a prominent e-commerce site in Nepal which is a startup founded in Nepal. Under their “Dashain ko bela SastoDeal ko mela” scheme, SastoDeal is giving you some crazy discounts and offers. We asked them what there best deals were and here we are listing what SastoDeal thinks are their 10 best deals.

Amazing Deals on SastoDeal Dashain Mela

Sony Xperia L1

Sony Xperia L1 is not the newest mid-range device from Sony. Neither is this the best designed. It still has a 16:9 aspect ratio screen. But personally, I feel this phone looks absolutely striking in the black version. Even after a year, Sony Xperia L1, for it’s discounted Rs. 12000 price tag, is one of the best budget smartphones you can buy out there.

Original Price Discounted Price Disocunt% Savings Link
Rs. 20000 Rs. 11999 40% Rs. 8001 Buy Now

Sony Xperia XA1 Plus

Another Sony phone, and for good reason. If you feel that the Sony Xperia L1 was too underpowered for you, then the XA1 Plus might be the phone you should get. It is double the price of the Sony Xperia L1 at Rs. 24,999, but you are getting double everything you got from the L1. Xperia XA1 Plus has double the RAM, and double the storage found on the Xperia L1. It also has a Full HD screen and a better camera system.

Original Price Discounted Price Disocunt% Savings Link
Rs. 38500 Rs. 24999 35% Rs. 13501 Buy Now

Gionee F205

If the previous two phones felt too old school to you, then the Gionee F205 may be the phone you want to get. It has the new updated 18:9 aspect ratio screen and it was released in 2018. Specs-wise, it is similar to the Xperia L1 we talked about earlier with 2GB RAM and 16GB internal storage. But the cameras on this device may not be up to par with the Xperia L1. However, it being a newer phone might give it the edge in terms of the processor speed. But, it won’t be by a huge margin.

Original Price Discounted Price Disocunt% Savings Link
Rs. 15000 Rs. 9999 33% Rs. 5001 Buy Now

Colors Xfactor Elite E20

I am sorry but asking people to buy a phone released in 2015 will be just ridiculous even if it is getting about 20% discount on the product. If you want to gift a phone to your old parents who don’t know how to use a smartphone and will mostly use it to talk to you then buying this geriatric smartphone may be justified. However, for other reasons there are phones like CG Omega 6, or Colors own P series that come at similar prices and offer better features.

Original Price Discounted Price Disocunt% Savings Link
Rs. 13999 Rs. 6999 47% Rs. 7000 Buy Now

Sony Portable MHC-V11 High-Power Compact Audio System

Are you sad that your portable Bluetooth speaker’s sound isn’t good enough or loud enough to liven up the party? Then be sad no more for SastoDeal is giving you a portable box speaker from Sony 47% off of its original price. This audio system can connect to your phone via Bluetooth or NFC. It can also play through your old CDs!

Original Price Discounted Price Disocunt% Savings Link
Rs. 38000 Rs. 19999 47% Rs. 18001  Buy Now

Huawei Y9 2018

Huawei just launched the Y9 2019 today and this means the older model (old by about six months) is getting some price cut. The phone that cost Rs. 27500 before is now available for Rs. 21500. That is a 21% discount. The good part is Huawei Y9 2018 has all the features you’d expect in a 2018 device like an elongated aspect ratio and quad cameras. This phone is still a good deal if you were looking for something around 20K.

Original Price Discounted Price Disocunt% Savings Link
Rs. 27500 Rs. 21500 21% Rs. 6000 Buy Now

Hitachi 50″ LED TV

A TV is an essential part of every household. So, maybe you were thinking of finally upgrading your CRT this festive season, or were thinking that your 32″ LCD panel has started to feel small. If you have any one of these thoughts, then Hitachi’s massive 50″ LED TV is available for Rs. 59500 in SastoDeal, nearly 29% off of its original price. If you don’t need to have a TV from big names like LG, Samsung, or Sony, this TV is a good bang for your buck.

Original Price Discounted Price Disocunt% Savings Link
Rs. 84990 Rs. 59500 29% Rs. 25490 Buy Now

Technos 32 Inch Android Smart Led TV E32DM1100

If you feel like a 50″ TV would be an overkill and you’d rather stick to a small screen, then the Technos 32″ smart TV may be a good buy. It has connectivity options like HDMI, VGA, and USB ports which means you can watch a video stored on your pen-drive on this device. It is a smart TV, which means you will be able to connect this TV to Wi-Fi and directly watch Youtube or Netflix on it. One thing people should note is that this TV only has an HD resolution of 1366×768. If you were looking for something with FullHD resolution, Technos 32 Inch Android Smart Led TV isn’t for you.

Original Price Discounted Price Disocunt% Savings Link
Rs. 28000 Rs. 21999 21% Rs. 6001 Buy Now

Zed Book II R Laptop with Touch Pen

Even though the Zed Book II R looks like a surface pro on the outside, it is not that powerful. Not even close. It’s 2GB RAM, and Intel Atom processor can’t match Surface’s 8GB RAM and Intel Core processor. But, if you are looking for something to watch youtube videos on, or just sketch a little, then the Zed Book II R with pen comes cheap in SastoDeal. Along with the device, you get a laptop bag worth Rs. 2500 for free. Just understand that you can’t expect much from this device than opening a few basic applications, and using chrome with 2 tabs open. Also, the 32GB internal storage is a traditional hard drive, not an SSD, not even an eMMC storage. Prepare yourself for slow boot times.

Original Price Discounted Price Disocunt% Savings Link
Rs. 29900 - - Free laptop bag worth Rs. 2500 Buy Now

Zed Air GRWC2W Laptop

For the price, nothing could beat Zed Air’s design. It looks super-elegant in its gold color. And have you seen its price? Did you imagine that you could buy a laptop for Rs. 19900? You also get a laptop bag worth Rs. 2500 for free. But, the same problems that plagued the Zed Book II R plagues this laptop. It is just too underpowered. The 2GB RAM is just too low for 2018. And we don’t know how much of the 32GB internal ‘HDD’ is going to be available for users to use since most of it will be used by the Windows OS.

Original Price Discounted Price Disocunt% Savings Link
Rs. 19900 - - Free laptop bag worth Rs. 2500 Buy Now

So, these were 10 deals available on Sastodeal’s website. Of course, these aren’t the only good deals on the site. These are just 10 among hundreds. Just roam around Sastodeal’s site for some time, and you are sure to find something you like and something you can afford.

Among the list, our favorite deal has to be the Sony Xperia XA1 Plus. Maybe because we like smartphones but also because the phone is powerful and it is heavily discounted. But people who are in need of a TV might think that Hitachi’s 50″ TV is dope. It is just a matter of personal preference. So, tell us which one is your favorite deal among the ones we listed. Also, have you found any other deal on SastoDeal that you think must have been on our list? Don’ forget to drop your thoughts and suggestions on our comments section below.

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