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Samsung RU7100 4K UHD TV Launched in Nepal – Comes in 5 Variants, Price Starts at 1.11 Lakhs!

Samsung has always remained at the top of its game in delivering technologies. From smartphones to Smart TV, Samsung has never failed to disappoint us. A while back Samsung had launched its RU7100 UHD TV in 5 different variants internationally. And now it has finally arrived in Nepal.

The Samsung RU7100 is available in five different size – 43″, 49″ 55″, 65″ and 75″. The Samsung RU7100  starts at Rs 110,690 for 43″ and goes up to Rs 699,990 for 75″.

The Samsung RU7100 is really a great TV which seems to provides great user experience. With 4K resolution, Darker Contrasts, and smarter functionalities, it has almost everything that a Flagship TV should be providing. But is that all?

Samsung RU7100 UHD TV: Let’s dive deeper

Starting off with the design, the RU7100 has an aesthetic design. It has a completely slim outlook that fills the contours of your space with refined design.  It can be lodged into the wall directly or just on top of a table. But you will need a larger table considering the huge width of the TV.

The TV is powered by a 4K UHD Processor that optimizes the devices performance with 4K picture quality. The crisp and clear 4K display takes account of each and every detail in the picture and provides a great viewing experience. The “PurColor” seems to provides a wide variety of color to provide a vibrant experience.

With HDR functionality you can see more colors and darker contrasts make watching TV at night really enjoyable. The problem however is always in the viewing angles. As the angles from the TV change, the screen does falter. I’m not entirely sure if it has great viewing angles or not. And I don’t think it will make much difference.

The TV also has functionality of working with other smart devices. Cast your phone to TV or Connect with Alexa and Google Assistant, either way it makes your life a lot easier. The desktop capabilities of this device whereby you can use it as a PC is also quite intriguing.

Samsung RU7100 TV Specifications

  • Display: Ultra high definition (UHD), 4K resolution
  • Picture Quality: PurColor
  • HDR Compatibility: HDR10, HDR10+, and Hybrid Log-Gamma
  • Smart Features: PC, two-way sharing, live cast, home cloud, hotkey, screen and sound mirroring, one remote control
  • Sound: 20W
  • HDMI Ports: 3
  • USB Ports: 2
  • Size: 75-inch, 65-inch, 55-inch, 49-inch, 43-inch

Samsung RU7100RSHE TV Price in Nepal (43-inch): Rs. 110,690

Samsung RU7100RSHE TV Price in Nepal (49-inch): Rs. 168,990

Samsung RU7100RSHE TV Price in Nepal (55-inch): Rs. 183,900

Samsung RU7100RSHE TV Price in Nepal (65-inch): Rs. 289,990

Samsung RU7100RSHE TV Price in Nepal (75-inch): Rs. 699,990

A bigger and better screen, 4K processor, simple design, HDR, smart connectivity. The TV basically checks out the majority of the features required. Despite that, there’s still the price which has to be considered.

Personally, considering the price and the size, I’d pick the 49” or 55” as both are reasonably priced and are relatively larger. But which one would you pick? Do let us know in the comments below.

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