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Samsung Nepal is Offering 3 Years Warranty on Its TVs


  • Samsung is currently offering a 3-year warranty on its TVs in Nepal.
  • The warranty covers Samsung T, A, B, and C-Series.
  • The offer is valid for TVs purchased from authorized Samsung stores until Dec 31, 2023.

Samsung, a well-known consumer electronics brand in Nepal, has come up with a warranty program that offers a 3-year full product warranty on Samsung TVs.

Samsung Nepal is Offering 3 Years Warranty on Its TVs
Samsung Nepal is Offering 3 Years Warranty on Its TVs

The warranty is applicable on Samsung’s T, A, B, and C-Series TV sets purchased from the official Samsung outlets before the end of this year.

Mr. Alok Kumar Gupta, General Manager of consumer electronics for Samsung Nepal said, “It brings us great joy in being able to provide our customers an opportunity to enjoy quality screen time with complete peace of mind through this offer. This 3-Year Warranty Offer provides worry-free assurance to all Samsung TV Customers, and we hope to be able to provide this offer to as many of our consumers as possible.”

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Ends on 31st December

This offer covers a range of Samsung TVs, including QLED, the Frame, UHD, FHD TV, and more. The warranty offer is valid for TVs purchased under the available ranges of Samsung TV from 32″ to 85″ throughout the year 2023 and ends on the 31st of December, 2023.

With this new warranty offer, Samsung believes that customers will be able to enjoy worry-free, quality screen time on their Samsung TV sets available in the market. Samsung has maintained its position as the leading TV brand globally for 17 consecutive years.

The 3-year warranty is applicable only to Samsung TVs and does not cover remotes; a standard 1-year warranty is provided for remote controls.

The offer is only applicable to the aforementioned T, A, B, and C series TVs purchased from dealer networks under the authorized distributor for Samsung TVs in Nepal, Him Electronics Pvt. Ltd.

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