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Samsung Crowned as the World’s Largest Chipmaker

The Korean tech giant Samsung’s chipmaking division beats the American tech giant Intel’s 25 years run to become the world’s biggest chipmaker and its seller as well.

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Samsung’s chipset division grossed total revenue of $69 billion, outperforming Intel’s 62.8 billion, Bloomberg reports. The company has reported full-year revenue of $225 billion gaining the profit of $50.7 billion in the financial year of 2017.

The company’s inclination on the growth of chipmaking shows that Samsung has transformed itself from a television manufacturing company to primary manufacturer of mobile or computer chips.

Although Intel whose processors are sitting on 90 percent of the world’s computer, didn’t have a rough year. But even though the sales grew 6 percent Intel couldn’t stop Samsung from being the world’s largest chipmaker. It seems like Intel has a long way to go to catch up with Samsung.

Samsung’s production line consists of home-baked Exynos lineup and also processors including Qualcomm which markets them under the Snapdragon and recently ARM-powered always-connected PCs.

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