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‘Sagoon Lite’ App Now Available for Download in Nepal: Nepal’s First Anonymous Social App

Sagoon is a social commerce platform which was launched back in late 2015. Since then, the company is trying hard to find a foothold in a market ruled by Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit.

Sagoon Inc. has launched its all-new social app called the Sagoon Lite. According to the company, it is a simple way to capture and share the world’s hidden stories.

If that sounds familiar, that’s the basic principle that leads Facebook to success. Maybe, Sagoon is trying to reinvent themselves, moving away from the overambitious goals of “Connect. Share. Earn” or a “Mobile App that recharges the smartphone battery”.

Sagoon Lite takes a more realistic approach giving the users similar to “Facebook” experience. Plus, the overall app layout seems to be heavily inspired by that, even more so, with the “react to post” feature.You can share and view personal stories and posts, browse through several different topics, and even share anonymously! Furthermore, you will find some differences, when compared to the predecessor.

In comparison, Sagoon Lite feels more relaxed, precise, and definitive. In all honesty, this might be something that will put them back on the map.

Sagoon Lite: Initial Impressions

In order to get more in-hand knowledge, I tested the Sagoon Lite in my daily driver! In just a few minutes, I’m all set to go.

It was fairly easy to download via the Play Store. Furthermore, it just asked for a phone number along with the confirmation code in the initial sign-up process.

I wrote up some generic post, expecting little to no reaction. However, after just an hour of posting, I jumped back with the reaction that my post gathered. So, my post got 5 Reactions, 55 Views, and 3 heartwarming comments!

Honestly, that was a pleasant surprise. Additionally, with the “anonymous” option, the entire ecosystem feels less toxic in comparison with the competition. In conclusion, whether or not, Sagoon Lite becomes successful in making a dent in the Nepali social platform, remains to be seen.

Download Sagoon Lite

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