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Rockstart Impact Nepal to Support Nepali Entrepreneurs in Growing their Companies and Raising Investment


Rockstart Impact has announced a program to help potential startup ideas come to fruition. They support all good ideas that can help Nepali Entrepreneurs get a good grip on the ups and downs of launching a startup.

Rockstart Impact is a Business Support Program designed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. It aims to provide rock-solid support to Nepali startups with innovative business model that has enormous potential to generate measurable and beneficial social impact alongside financial return.

“There are no hard times for good ideas.” – Rockstart Impact 2015/16


This is the slogan that they have come up with this year. They are keen on helping the entrepreneur to reach their full potential. No good idea should be kept secret and all ideas can help someone in need.

This is a 100 day long program based on Rockstart’s business acceleration principles designed to support selected Nepali entrepreneurs with enormous potential in growing their companies and raising investment.

The program begins with seeking entrepreneurs from across the country. This is followed by a selection process, where only ten out of more than hundreds of companies are chosen for the 100 days long strenuous business acceleration. During this time, entrepreneurs receive intensive coaching from local and international professionals that are involved and dedicated to provide hands-on support and networking opportunities.

Promising entrepreneurs are defined by their innovative business model that has the potential to generate quantifiable and valuable social impact alongside financial return. This is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to scale up their business as the program’s network includes more than two hundred local and international investors and over forty mentors.

The ultimate goal of the program is to help entrepreneurs raise investment and connect them with international community.


For further information, visit Rockstar Impact 2015/2016.

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