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Remote Achham to Have Airfield Soon

Sanfe bagar airport
Image Courtesy: Radiounity.com

Nepal government has made plans to revive an airfield in the remote place of Sanfebagar, Achham. This place is only connected to the rest of the country through an 8 hour drive from the East-West Highway.

The Details:

  • Currently work is being done to repair the facility to make it ready by the rainy seasons i.e the mid April.
  • The terminal building of the airport was destroyed in a Maoist attack in February 2002.
  • The present plan is to offer one flight per day but the final schedule will be known only after a tender is issued for airlines to offer flight services.
  • This airport will also serve surrounding districts such as Bajura, Doti, Kalikot and Dailekh.

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