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IFR Technology Tested at Bhadrapur Airport

Image Courtesy: AviationNepal.com

On 17th February, a test flight was conducted in Bhadrapur, Jhapa to check the newly installed Instrument Flight Regulation (IFR) technology, reports The Himalayan Times.

Why it matters:

  • With the IFR technology, an aircraft can land with just 1.6 Km visibility.
  • Whereas before this technology was installed, all aircraft at the airport had been landing with the Visual Flight Regulation technology (VFR). VFR technology requires a visibility of 5 km.
  • In VFR, flying depends on pilot by “see and avoid” procedure.
  • However, in IFR, flying depends on pilot and Air Traffic Controller (ATC). Pilot depends on flight instruments to know the aircraft’s condition, route or weather condition.

What they are saying:

  • Purna Chudal, the Bhadrapur Airport (a.k.a Chandragadhi Airport) in-charge said, “The test flight was conducted in coordination with Budhha Air, and all equipment and tools had already been installed for IFR technology.”
  • Chudal added, “The Test flight was satisfactory and would take around three months for technical work to land aircraft at the airport using IFR technology.”
  • Within the next three months, the IFR technology can be implemented to land aircraft at the Bhadrapur airport.

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