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In Talk With Mr. Sabin Rana Magar; CEO of Remax Nepal

There was a time when earphones just meant the ones you got when you purchased your phone. Speakers just meant the ones connected to your big old desktop and power banks just didn’t exist. Life was simple back then, but it has become way easier with the advent of third-party manufacturers coming up with a lot of new products.

Today, you don’t like the bass of the earphone that came with your iPhone, then you go get a third party one which has an insane bass. Traveling somewhere and need a little extra juice? Power banks are there to save your day. Again, simple as that. These trivial-seeming details actually make a lot of difference when stacked up one after the another and there are lots of companies that focus on providing their customers with products like Earphones, Speakers and a lot of other consumer electronics.

Remax is one of those manufacturers that have been producing products that act like relics to the everyday devices we use. With an official reseller in Civil Mall, this brand made its way to Nepal not long ago. We had a chance to talk to CEO of Remax Nepal, Mr. Sabin Rana Magar and following is the conversation with him.

remax Nepal
Sabin Rana Magar, CEO, Remax Nepal

In Conversation With Remax Nepal’s Sabin Rana Magar

TechLekh: Could you tell us something about Remax as a global brand?

Mr. Rana: Established back in 2008 and headquartered in Shenzhen, China, Remax is a sub-brand of Hong Kong Refine Industrial Asia Limited. It is a brand full of passion, fashion, entertainment, and enthusiasm. Remax pursues practical appealability to satisfy the customers. Remax takes the advantage of product abundance and quality to win the trust and approval of customers.

TechLekh: When was Remax Launched in Nepal?

Mr. Rana: Remax was launched back in November 2017 as an authorized company in Nepal.

TechLekh: How is the experience so far?

Mr. Rana: From the very day of our establishment, our focus has been providing the customers with different varieties of quality products. Also, Remax presents its products in beautiful packaging and color variants at an affordable price. And these kinds of miniature detail has increased the level of customer gratification.

Entities related to similar field within/outside Kathmandu are showing keen interest to be associated with us; a pleasing factor for our entire team.

– Sabin Rana Magar

TechLekh: How hard is it to get established in Nepal?

Mr. Rana: Remax is still a new outfit in Nepal. Until now, we haven’t yet overcome that initial phase where you’re still trying to introduce the brand to the mass. It totally depends on the customers and on how they perceive the brand and exercise the products. Captivating the target customers and making them aware of the brand is still a huge challenge.

TechLekh: What type of products are currently available?

Mr. Rana: We offer fantastic accessories such as leather cases, power banks, headphones, data cables, screen protectors, Bluetooth/Wired speakers and other creative products.

TechLekh: What are your plans for the future? Where are you planning to extend your branches?

Mr. Rana: Introducing Remax all over Nepal and providing customers with a new taste of youth, passion and fashion is our vision. We are planning to open two more outlets within the valley by 2018.

Labim Mall is our next project as per demand and we are also planning to extend the branches out of the valley in the near future.

– Sabin Rana Magar

TechLekh: Is there anything you would want to change about the Nepali market?

Mr. Rana: Things we purchase should be worth their price. When it comes to electronic devices, quality of product at a genuine price and after-sales services are the things that most customers desire. Many resellers do not focus on after-sales services. Not compromising on these issues will create a mutual benefit for both entity and the customers.

TechLekh: If you were to start over again, what would be the one thing you would do differently?

Mr. Rana: Till date, we are doing really good. Plans are working in our favor and there is not much that we regret. We desire similar things in the forthcoming days as well.

Remax is a brand that has a very high prospect in Nepal. Nepal lacks companies that have quality products at affordable prices. There are great products on the market, but they come with a hefty price tag. But now we get great products with an affordable price tag. Remax Nepal is a very enthusiast brand and the kind of products that they deal with should definitely appeal Nepali consumers.

If you want to check out the product range of Remax Nepal then click here.

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