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Best Real Estate Video Apps 2020

If you want to promote your Real Estate business, you might have to invest some money to market your products and services to the people. One of the most useful real estate marketing tips – video marketing, which gives the potential buyers a visual appeal, can be a good option. But we understand that not everyone has the correct knowledge or even the equipment to shoot a video and use it for marketing. Gain some knowledge regarding this topic by clicking here.

What is Video Marketing? 

Generally, Video Marketing includes those types of videos that promote and market any product or services, increase the brand’s engagement through various online and offline networks, and educate the consumers about the brand. Though pictures are often used for real estate marketing, a video can encapsulate every little detail in one frame. With this strategy, you can create slideshows, property listing videos, videos for FAQs, and even testimonial videos of the clients for marketing and awareness of your brand.

These professional videos often require a good camera quality and a skilled person to edit the videos and polish them. But many of the companies and some new in this field may fail to invest in these things. Thus, they take the help of software and applications that can upgrade their videos to a professional level, with ready-made templates and graphics.

Wondering what apps you could use for your real estate videos?

Here’s a list of some of the most popular apps, with the help of which you can create your marketing videos with little expense. Read below to know about the best real estate video apps of 2020:


One of the popular apps used by marketers, Canva is a graphic designing platform where we can create presentations, posters, banners, and even videos. The app comes with readymade templates designed to suit every industry, such as Education, Travel, and even Business. For your real estate video, you can easily use Canva and make professional intros and promo videos for your firm.

The app is available on web and mobile and includes millions of fonts, graphics, illustrations, and design layouts to edit the videos. You can also add your pictures to the video. Canva comes with a free version and a paid subscription app (Canva Pro, Canva for Enterprise), and people can use it as they wish.


Just like Canva, Promo also allows you to make real estate videos in a few minutes with some professional templates. You can easily customize these templates and add texts and graphics to it. Besides adding logos, pictures, and video clips, you can also design them in different formats and share them on social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram. You can access the app directly on the web or by downloading it on your phone.


It is more than just a video-making app. Magisto offers a broad platform where you can create and edit videos and use them for marketing on different social networks like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. This app lets you know how your viewers are interacting with your brand and predict consumer activities and engagement.

Magisto’s video editor uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology to examine the uploads and identify emotions and audio tracks. It also includes features that can detect face and speech. All of this, together, makes the videos more realistic.

Magisto is ideal for realtors to make videos such as profile videos, client testimonials, or even tell background stories. This app is available both on iOS and Android.


Video-making software, Renderforest is excellent for making real estate videos that can create awareness about the brand, convey its goals, and increase its sales. A wide range of video templates is available in this app. It also lets you add music, and include voice-overs in the video with colorful graphics and illustrations.


Considered to be the best real estate video app, Videoshop allows you to create stunning videos for the real estate industry. Many advanced features are available with just a simple tap; you can trim, splice or merge videos, add music and even sound effects, text, and overlay filters to enhance and personalize your videos.

Videoshop allows you to add photos directly from your camera roll to create a stop motion video or even a slideshow and lets the user share the project directly from the app, making it more user-friendly than other video apps in the market. Videoshop is available on iOS and Android.


Earning its name as one of the popular social media apps with over 500 million daily users, Instagram is a social platform available on iOS and Android to connect with different people, get Instagram followers for the company, and share pictures and videos with them.

However, Instagram also allows the user to capture and edit pictures and videos and share them with the community. The duration for any video is between 3 to 60 seconds, and we can add location and edit them with different filters.

Just like other Social Media platforms are used to promote any brand, Instagram can also be used by any company, even real estate business owners to market and promote their services. They can make the use of relevant Hashtags or even do a live video. Learn more about this here.

By using Instagram, real estate marketers can promote their products and services and engage with potential clients at once.


Hyperlapse, introduced by Instagram, helps you make high-end and realistic videos with little effort. You can make steady time-lapse videos and add cinematic effects to it. Hyperlapse video plays 12 times faster than real-time, which helps the agents portray the house, the neighborhood, or even the street. Hyperlapse is currently available only for iOS, but you can refer to the other apps mentioned in the article if you are an Android user.


Animoto video creator is a great place for making real estate videos, which lets you create dynamic content easily, comparatively, and fast. With many customizable templates and design layouts, you can make quality videos by adding pictures and video clips from the gallery with some music. You can also add relevant titles to the video to make it informative. You can also export your project and share it directly from the app. The app can be used for free, but you can also upgrade to a paid subscription that will offer you additional features like HD video, extended video length, and access to their desktop app. Animoto is available for iOS and Android.


Now that you know the best free real estate video apps, you can design your real estate videos without any struggle. Make use of the above video-making and editing apps and make your real estate videos look professional in no time.

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