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The Razer NIO ES6 Night Explorer Is a Gamer’s Dream SUV

Excuse me! What the f**k?

I’m sorry. That was my initial reaction when I first heard the news.

Whenever you’d talk about Razer, you’d automatically associate them with some kick-ass gaming hardware or some gaming accessories.

Even Razer’s official slogan says, “For Gamers. By Gamers.”

Well, the things are about to be taken to a higher gear. As the title says, Razer just introduced their first-ever electric SUV in China. Honestly, it wasn’t as hard to believe when Razer introduced their first smartphone, Razer Phone.

I mean, smartphone… Sure, it is somewhat related to gaming. But an actual electric car?

Well, whatever. We are not here to judge but just report the news. Let’s see what Razer Nio ES6 Night Explorer brings to the table. As for the pricing, Razer Nio ES6 Night Explorer Limited Edition price is set at $67,400.

Razer Nio ES6 Night Explorer Overview

Right off the bat, Razer didn’t go to the drawing board to work hard on creating a new SUV. But it is a joint collaboration between NIO, a Chinese automobiles manufacture, and Razer, a gaming manufacturer.

Razer Nio ES6 Night Explorer is powered by an 84kW electric motor, capable of whipping out max power of 544HP. Furthermore, it can go from 0-100kmph in just 4.7 seconds. Moreover, it comes with a max range of 520km on a single charge, which is powered by an advanced AI infotainment system.

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Razer Nio ES6 Night Explorer: Razer DNA

If you’re reading this article, you don’t really care about the engine, do you?

Okay, let me just give you the Razer DNA which you can see in this electric SUV. You will see the huge Razer logo along with some pretty carbon fiber decals. Likewise, you will also see the Razer Chroma with some Hue lights.

Essentially, Razer Nio ES6 Night Explorer comes with some awesome ambient lighting effects to audio visualization features.

I can imagine people going crazy over this, asking if this is some out of season April fool’s joke. Well, it’s not. It’s an actual electric car which was launched in China. Actually, it’s officially called “Nio x Razer ES6 Night Explorer”. But let’s be honest here, everyone is going to call it a Razer SUV.

Nonetheless, good for them? I don’t know… Let’s suppose that they are targeting this SUV for “gamers”. Wouldn’t the “gamers” prefer spending that much money on buying gaming hardware over an SUV?

That’s all I can talk about the Razer SUV. Can’t wait to see the new Razer Toaster in the future, fingers crossed!

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