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Quora Meetup January 2018: Entrepreneurship & Startup Ecology

quora meetup january 2018

Quora enthusiasts in Nepal now have a meet and greet event to look forward to as the Quora Meetup Kathmandu is being held in just a few days.

This third interactive Quora event is on “Entrepreneurship and Startup Ecology”. It will be organized in Patan museum premises on the 27th of January. The participants will get an opportunity to interact with various startup founders:

  1. Anil Basnet, Co-founder and CEO, Metrotarkari: Metrotarkari is Nepal’s first and largest online grocery store. Metrotarkari recently completed 5 years of establishment. Anil’s idea was pitched and selected at Idea Studio as well. You may ask any questions to him by tagging Metrotarkari on topics. You can go here to follow what the Quorans are asking currently.
  2. Rohit Tiwari, Founder and CEO, Foodmario: Foodmario is a unique platform which connects home cook with customers. While its mobile app is still under development, you can order foods via its website. You may ask any questions to Rohit by tagging Foodmario on topics. You can go here to follow what Quorans are asking to Foodmario.
  3. Sandesh Poudyal, Co-founder, and CFO, Creative Services Nepal Sandesh Poudyal was volunteering to distribute the relief materials in rural Nepal after the earthquake. In that journey, he felt that the existing way of construction will not solve the problem permanently. Then, he imported a technology which provides earthquake resistance houses with affordable price. You can follow San Paudyal on Quora. You may ask any questions to him by tagging Creative Services Nepal.
  4. Sixit Bhatta, Co-founder, and CEO, Tootle: Tootle is solving the urban transportation problem by letting people hire bikes for a ride. It aims to provide affordable and effective transportation alternative. You may ask any questions to Sixit by tagging Tootle on your questions.

Quora is an online platform with the mission of sharing and growing the world’s knowledge. It is a question and answer site where questions are asked, answered, edited, and organized by its community of users. A Quora Meetup usually is a very informal meeting that acts as a platform where people meet those with whom they have only interacted on Quora and bring forward their discussions and suggestions in person.

Event Details

Venue: Patan museum premises
Date: 27th January 2018
Time: 10.30 AM
Registration: Rs. 100 (Transfer to 9865998844 via Khalti)

A contribution of Rs. 100 will be taken from each member upon registration. Registration should be done via Khalti App by sending the sum to 9865998844. To take part in the meetup, click here.

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