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Pathao Food to Roll Out in a Week: Aims to Complete Order within 45 Minutes!

Pathao is set to introduce its food delivery service in Nepal. Pathao is a ride-sharing service that entered Nepal back in September of 2018.

Pathao Food
Pathao Food

Ever since its launch, Pathao has been hugely successful in Nepal. And, it even teased the launch of Pathao Car and Pathao Food back in 2019. Pathao Car was eventually launched in August of 2019 and now it’s going to launch Pathao Food with over 100 restaurants on board.

According to Asheem Man Singh Basnyat, Regional Director of Pathao Nepal, they are looking to roll out the Pathao Food by this Friday at the earliest. Currently, they are testing the app within its staff members to fine-tune the service. Also, the update will be first available to the early adopters of Pathao and will slowly roll out to all of the users.

Pathao Food Aims Quick Deliveries

As of now, Pathao Food will have limited delivery locations. So, it won’t be available in all of the locations where Pathao rides are available.

Furthermore, Pathao Food will only let users order from restaurants within 4km from users’ locations. In the future, they are aiming to further reduce this to 2km. As per Asheem Man Singh Basnyat, this is to ensure that food deliveries are quick and users don’t have to wait for a long period of time.

Pathao aims to complete orders within 45 minutes and as of now, there will be dedicated delivery personnel for Pathao Food.

Also, the delivery personnel will only take the next order after completing the active delivery. There’s no specific minimum order as you can even order meals that cost Rs. 50 but the delivery fee will be Rs. 100.

Rather than providing a huge catalog of food, Pathao Food aims to provide quick delivery with limited food selection as users will only be allowed to order from, restaurants within 4km.

As of now, there are more than 100 restaurants and the number will keep increasing as they expand the service. The delivery locations will also increase in the coming 1-2 months.

In near future, Pathao Food will look to provide the same level of reliable service that we have come to expect from Pathao Rides. Asheem Man Singh Basnyat said that their main focus is quick and reliable delivery.

Currently, the Pathao Bike ride boasts 93% reliability, meaning 93 of out 100 people can successfully find and complete rides. Pathao Food will look to maintain similar reliability scores.

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