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OYO Lite App Launched in Nepal for Low Connectivity Areas

OYO started its journey back in April of 2017 in Nepal. Since then it has been able to gather 330+ hotel chains and more than 4000 exclusive rooms. Initially, bookings could be done only through their official app or their website, which was heavy on both data and storage.

In order to tackle this problem, OYO have finally launched the OYO Lite app in Nepal.The OYO Lite was launched globally back in May of 2019. OYO Lite is an authentic small OYO app which enables faster and smoother booking experience. They made it possible by compressing the larger app into a more browser-like environment, which made the app light and smooth. At just 850Kb size, it checks all the functionalities that the OYO app and OYO site has to offer.

Re-mapping the original app into a lighter version tackles various network and storage related problems. Network Fluctuation, limited phone memory, – these things will never affect your OYO booking experience, this is what the OYO Lite guarantees.

Just imagine…

Just Imagine yourself being a foreigner and not being able to book hotels because of poor connectivity issue.

Well, OYO Lite is a step forward in ensuring that travelers who are searching for hotels will never have to suffer from such poor connectivity issues.

With security, quality and pricing as the main focus, OYO Lite aims to make it easier for people to find accommodations by minimizing the complications caused by low connectivity.

Not only is the OYO Lite minimizing problem of accommodation for tourists, it’s also empowering the Nepalese Economy.

With the upcoming “Tourism Year 2020” just around the corner, the launch of OYO Lite will definitely be effective. As more and more tourists arrive, more and more people will be searching for hotels. If they can easily search for hotels without being frustrated, it will be a huge bonus point for us.

Well I think that the implementation of OYO Lite is a great way at improving hospitality services. It’s a great approach to maintaining the crumbled hospitality services in the city.

Do you think OYO Lite is a great step to improving the fragmented Hospitality system in Nepal?

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