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OnePlus launches “The Lab” – OnePlus 3 Community Review

The Lab-"OnePlus 3 Community reiview"
The Lab-“OnePlus 3 Community review”

Community favorite OnePlus has launched a campaign called “The Lab“. They are calling it “OnePlus 3 Peer Review” where they want feedback from the community before it’s launch. People need to sign up for the event, and interestingly it is available for all the regions.

OnePlus is saying that they want to give a voice to their fans by letting them get their hands on the OnePlus 3 before anyone else and in return, they want a detailed review of the OnePlus 3. It’s unknown if OnePlus will tweak OnePlus 3 based on the review of the selected participants for “The Lab“.

To participate in the campaign all you need to do to do is go to https://oneplus.net/lab and signup where you’ll need to write an application convincing OnePlus that you are qualified to review the OnePlus 3. OnePlus will select 30 people and send them a OnePlus 3 to review. After several days, selected reviewers will have to submit a comprehensive review of the device.

OnePlus never fails to amaze its fans with unique flavors. And once again “OnePlus 3 Peer review” is a great initiative from OnePlus to work together with their fans. 11000 people have already applied for the project. There’s still three days left to register for the project so if you think you have what it takes to get your hands on OnePlus 3 before anyone else go and sign up for “The Lab”.

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