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Okay, This was Unprecedented: OnePlus 6T Coming to Nepal on Daraz 11.11 Sale

Oh my god. We are freaking out right now. I mean, it’s OnePlus 6T. The phone that people who bought the OnePlus 6 a month ago will absolutely detest. The phone that is sure to give the new flagships a run for their money and the phone that we hope won’t be overshadowed by the Pocophone launching on the same day.

If you ever were in the market for a premium phone after 2013, you probably have heard of the OnePlus. It is a startup that started this whole flagship-killer thing and shook the smartphone industry to its core. Since then all the phones (8 in total) the company has released have been a critical hit. Yes. All. For the past 3 years (this included) OnePlus has opted to release two phones in a year. Now, just 6 months after the release of the One Plus 6, its time to unveil the 6T.

The OnePlus 6T hasn’t been launched yet, not even internationally. Its launch event is going to take place tomorrow, on 29th October, at New York. But, as with every high-profile smartphone, we pretty much already know what we are going to see tomorrow. Some highlights include an in-display fingerprint sensor, a smaller teardrop notch, no headphone jack, probably stereo speakers (not sure), and the usual Snapdragon 845 chipset with maybe 8 Gigs of RAM.

People with a OnePlus 6 surely don’t need to upgrade. If you have a 5T and it still is flying at any task you throw at it, you don’t need to look at this phone. But you felt that you definitely need to upgrade your older phone or move from an iPhone to an Android, I think this is the right smartphone for you. Of course, we don’t know the pricing yet. But, as the OnePlus 6T will be launching at Daraz’s 11.11 sale, we expect it to be the sweetest deal you can get.

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