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NTC Warns People of Fake Lottery Calls


Recently many NTC users have been receiving calls from international numbers telling them that they have won some lottery. After receiving many such reports, NTC is making its users aware of that all such calls regarding lottery are false. NTC has advised its users to completely ignore such calls.

There was a similar case before this. People were being tricked using fake SMS. There were even reports of people falling for the hoax and losing money.

The hoax is simple. First, they try to convince you that you have won some large sum of money in a lottery. After they feel you are convinced, they ask you to send them some amount in advance as a processing fee if you want your winning sum transferred.

People have reported getting fake calls in Viber and from international numbers that include +923344877561, +923491295325, +923417053291, +601114310982 and other similar numbers.

The fraud person on the phone speaks in Hindi, Urdu or other languages and informs people of winning some lottery. They even ask people to send their details including their bank account number.

NTC has asked its users to be wary of such fake lottery calls. They have also asked people not to share their bank account details in any such calls.

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