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NTC Brings “e-SHIKSHA PACK” to Help Conduct Your Classes Online

The outbreak of COVID-19 has created a lot of disruptions in the daily grind of people and society in general. Schools are closed, Business is crumbling, and above there’s still no signs of the lockdown coming to an end. Despite the disruptions, life has to go on and while not everything can go back to being normal, efforts are being made in order to get back on track.

e-Learning is one of those fine steps that could bring back the balance in teachers’ and students’ lives. However, the lack of resources has still proved to be a bottlecap for this initiation. Well, either it is for-profit or for genuine help cause, Nepal Telecom has introduced a new pack particularly for students and teachers. The e-Shiksha pack, as they call it, is a pack specifically centered around e-Learning.

e-Shiksha Package: What’s Inside?

Under the e-Shiksha Pack, customers can either choose either a 6GB Data Pack for Rs 250 or a 15GB Data Pack of similar privileges for Rs 500. Both the packs are valid for 28 days and surprisingly, have a restriction chained up to it. The restriction is time slots and I presume this is mainly for controlling your data.

There are two time slots for both of the aforementioned options. Inside 6GB data, 3GB is limited for 5 hours in the morning(5 am-10 am). While the remaining 3GB is available to use at any time of the day.

The 15GB option follows a similar protocol with the exception that 6GB of data is allocated for the morning. The rest of the 9GB does not have any restrictions.

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Do note that this data pack is all-purpose meaning that it can be used for anything. So, if you do end up subscribing, do keep a note of the data usage from time to time.

How do you Subscribe to e-ShikshaPack?

Well, this part is a little tricky. You see, this pack can’t be accessed directly by anyone. NTC will only be providing this service on the basis of a request sent through schools/universities.

Initially, schools will have to send an e-mail to NTC at edupack@ntc.net.np with the list of individuals liable for the pack. NTC analyzes this request and then relays an SMS to the associated numbers.

The liable users will get an SMS asking for a subscription to the either of previously mentioned options. After that, the user will simply have to dial *1441# for subscriptions. To check for remaining data, you could dial *1415*55#. To pay, you could either use your balance or any other digital payment outlets.

Well, that’s all about the package from me. If you’re interested in the offer further, learn more about it on this NTC Page.

Now, whether this pack is truly useful is for you to decide. Personally, I think it’s a great initiative but it’s a tad bit expensive. What are your thoughts on this initiative? Do let us know in the comments down below.

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