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NTC and Ncell Warns Users to Avoid Suspicious Foreign Calls!

ntc ncell fake calls We have been constantly hearing about fake calls and phone scams happening all around the world. This time Nepal has been suffering from one of the phone scams.

NTC and Ncell users are getting fake calls from unknown numbers with the international codes. Currently, the users are reporting the operators about receiving one ring miss calls from numbers starting from +21698…,+6745…,+212… and so on, time and again. The main balance of the users is exorbitantly deducted when called back to those number, which they think is of their relatives and friends from abroad.

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According to various sources, this phone scam is supposed to be the Wangiri scam, originated from Japan. The Wangiri scam is also known as the “one ring and cut” scam – wan means “one” and giri means “hang up” in Japanese. If a user returns the call, the user will hear an advertisement for a subscription to premium chat lines or Internet services – and the user will be charged a premium amount for this call.

In response to the users’ report, NTC and Ncell have cautioned its users regarding the scam call. They have warned the users to avoid calling back to the anonymous international numbers. They have requested users to protect themselves from becoming a victim of this phone scam.

To reduce the influx of the spam calls, the operators have started blocking the suspicious numbers that are reported by the users and currently are working to find a permanent solution to the issue.

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