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NTB Signs Agreements with BBC, Reuters and TripAdvisor for Promotion of Tourism in Nepal

Nepal Tourism Board

Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) has signed agreements with BBC, Reuters, and TripAdvisor for the promotion of Nepal as a tourist destination through international media and popular travel website. Deepak Raj Joshi, CEO of the NTB, says, – “With the help of big brands of digital media, the country will promote tourism and spread the positive news of country.

Although Nepal is popular as a tourist destination, it has not been able to increase the flow of tourists in recent years. Thus, Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) took the initiation to raise the inflow of tourists in the country.

Separate agreements were signed between Nepal Tourism Board’s CEO, Mr. Joshi and Vishal Bhatnagar, sales director for South Asia of BBC (Advertising), Bharat Nagpal of Trip Advisor and SN Bhaduri, director of integral media, sole representative of Reuters in South Asia.

NTB has segregated a total of $680,000 to BBC for the advertisement of Nepal. BBC has made sure to advertise Nepal as a tourist destination till September. Also, NTB signed the agreement with TripAdvisor and entered a 10-month partnership with TripAdvisor. The website will create a separate web page for Nepal highlighting the tourist destinations of the country. Trip Advisor is a popular website which gets around 390 million hits every month. NTB will pay about $280,000 for the facility.

Also, NTB will pay a total of $75000 to Reuters to circulate the positive stories of Nepal for about the next three months.

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