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Netflix Is Now Available In Nepal

Netflix, the ultimate on-demand video streaming service is now available in Nepal. The announcement was made some time ago, and its not only expanded to Nepal, but around the whole world. For people that were using Netflix, they no longer need to use any proxy, VPN or services such as Hola, but for those who are new to it, the route to actually buying the subscription is pretty difficult.

You need to have an international debit/credit card which is not easily handed out by Nepali banks. Let’s hope that the payment options with local payment providers such as Esewa will be available soon. Until then, there’s nothing much we can do with Netflix being available.

There is of course one months of free trial available, but to be able to use the offer, you need to add your debit/credit card to the account. You can also access Netflix with a Netflix gift card. There might be business for people selling the Netflix gift card. There are services like CardNepal that already deal with other gift cards. I’m sure you can also get Netflix’s from them, if you need to.Netflix

Netflix allows you to stream different movies and TV shows online for a monthly price of $8 ($10 for HD and $12 for ultra HD). The payment is not the only thing that is of problem, however. Streaming online means you definitely need to have a good enough Internet browsing speed.

Anything less than 1 Mbps might not be good for streaming the videos online. And most of the Internet plans that have speed greater than 1 Mbps are volume based ones. Also, while the US Netflix offers large variety of contents, ours could actually be very limited because of licensing issues. Oh – and there’s loadshedding too! There are various hurdles, but it does sound interesting that it is available in Nepal. Maybe we’d get to watch some Netflix originals made in Nepal? Let’s hope.


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