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Nepzy Now Accepts Visa Card Payments

Nepzy,an online utility payment solution, has recently integrated the Online Visa Payment Gateway within its system. Now, any Nepzy user with Visa card can pay for its services using their cards from Nepal or anywhere around the World.

Currently, Nepzy user can make online instant recharge, electricity payment, ISP & utility payment, and flight booking through its website or mobile app.

Currently, only 3-D Secure Technology enabled Visa card-holders can make use of this online payment system. Users with both the 3-D Secure Debit and Credit cards can use this mode of payment on Nepzy.

“After few banks opened this facility for online merchants, we immediately worked to add it into our system to benefit our customers. Now our customers have the easiest option to use Nepzy services without any hassle.” reads the statement released by Nepzy.

“Our country has over 3 million cards issued. To boost this new era of payment we soon shall be working on various cash backs and other incentives to boost the Digital Payment in Nepal.”

The statement also says that Nepzy is the first domestic merchant to integrate this system for utility payment and flight booking system in a single application.

This mode of online payment is fairly popular in most of the foreign countries. However, in Nepal, this technology is very new and only a few issuing banks have adopted it.

Recently, Himalayan Bank enabled this service for domestic card holders and online merchants. To empower the use of digital payment and stay strong in the stiff competition of banking, many other banks in the country are working very firmly to introduce this service before long.

Currently, Visa and Master card only can be processed via Himalyan Bank Online Payment Gateway. It is soon going to be followed by Amercian Express, China Union and other international cards.

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