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5 Nepali Tech Startups That Have Gone Global

Tech Startups are basically those companies that introduce both familiar and unique technological products and services to the market. Many tech startups have formed and dug their deep roots in Nepal as well. However, there are a few that have gone global.

So what does going global mean in this case? Let’s take a well-known and prominent example of Uber. Being around in the market for less than a decade, Uber is currently present in more than 80 countries. Uber’s concept was not limited to well suited to overseas markets as well. As a result, they brought themselves into the global market for their service and became highly successful.

Why are Tech Startups Eyeing Global Markets?

The Internet has erased geographical boundaries. Technology has become a unifying force for connecting markets. As a consequence, it has made it more easier for tech startups to enter foreign markets. In addition to it, technology has helped the tech startups gain more exposure as well as investors by competing in the global market.


In the context of Nepal, the market is not yet large enough to facilitate building companies of scale. Also, some ideas suit better to the overseas market because those markets are more ready. The customers are also less price sensitive and make decisions faster. Moreover, they want to be acknowledged globally and gain more investors to grow their company to compete internationally. While there might have been a few, here are the 5 Nepali Tech startups who now sport an international address.

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Nepali Tech Startups That Have Gone Global

#1. Grepsr

 Grepsr is a web data extraction solution that combines expert guidance and easy-to-use platform to help business people extract value from the web without any I.T. support. It was started in 2012 by co-founders Amit Chaudhary and Subrat Basnet.

Ever since their inception, Grepsr have targeted the global market. “Having served in more than 40 countries for 5 years, we got our first local customer this year“, said Amit Chaudhary, one of the co-founders. So how did they cope with the growing competition in the international market?

While most of our competitors are either a DIY tool or service based companies – we combine the best of both worlds and provide customers with the apt platform for their needs”, replied Amit Chaudhary.

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#2. Picovico

Picovico is an online slideshow maker for businesses that automates the process of making videos from the set of photos, text & music in custom predefined video styles. The idea of the development of Picovico originally popped up among it’s developers when they wanted to share and capture the essence of their memories through it. As a result, they initiated it in 2011 with a goal to help people convert photo clips into slideshow videos.

Not so long after it’s development, Picovico was popular across many countries worldwide. It was only renowned as a photo slideshow video maker whereas now, users are also allowed to upload video clips from workspace of this application. With more than 50 thousand downloads on the Google Play Store and abounding web users, Picovico has successfully established itself internationally.

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#3. Ludo Neo Classic

Developed in  2015 by Jeevan Shrestha, Ludo Neo Classic is the first ever Nepali variant of Ludo game.  Among the wide variety of Ludo games, this game stood out and started gaining popularity. Since the introduction of rules customization, Ludo Neo Classic solved the problems for people playing with different sets of rules. On the following month of it’s launch, it received thousands of international users. Plus it was able to reach the peak position amidst the 200 plus Ludo games in Play Store within 6 weeks.

Ludo Neo-Classic became the first Nepali application to gain more than 10 million downloads in 2 years period.

I made this game while trying to learn C++ programming language. My colleagues used to play and test it during development. I used to say, currently the  Ludo game made by the South Indian guy is popular, is in top #1 position. When I will publish my game, my game will be in the top #1 position. And it happened in real too”, said Jeevan Shrestha.

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#4. Backstreet Academy

Backstreet Academy is an online marketplace which empowers anyone to create a unique travel experience. Ever since it’s inception as a social enterprise in Kathmandu, Backstreet Academy has been connecting its customers with similar locals that are devoted to their craft giving them an amazing experience.

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Backstreet Academy has reached over to more than 10 Asian countries and has been providing 5-star service to its customers as well as helping them experience the hospitality of people in the backstreets. They have also worked with many NGOs and disadvantaged communities to help them access tourism market monopolized by tour agents. With a specific purpose of democratizing travel and helping make an impact in developing countries, they are being widely popular among travelers.

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#5. UXCam

UxCam is a tool that helps product managers and marketers understand their users by recording and analyzing how they are using an app. It was developed by Kishan Gupta and Richard Groves with other fellow Nepalis. It has been around for quite a few years actually. Similar to other names in this list, UxCam was also started focusing on the general users all over the world. Hence, within it’s development, it got a wide variety of users from different countries.

Along with providing a great customer experience, UXCam also enables the users to optimize product design and make decisions with confidence. They are now globally distributed as a team across 4 different countries with the drive of a common vision. They have also been acknowledged with many awards like Open Innovation Award, People Choice Award to name a few.

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What other Nepali Tech Startups do you know that have gone global? Let us know in the comments!

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