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Nepal Telecom Operates BTS Towers in Mustang and Dolakha

Nepal Telecom (NT) has started operating in the remote areas of Dolakha and Mustang through its new GSM towers, reports New Business AgeWith this service, the customers can make phone calls as well as use Internet data on their mobile.

NT recently installed GSM base station tower in Syangboche viewpoint of Mustang. It also installed a new tower in Dadakharka of Dolakha district. These GSM towers were operational from December 1 and November 27 respectively.

The Base Transceiver Station (BTS) tower at Syangboche viewpoint is located at an altitude of 4000 meter of Dalome 3 Village body. The place is around 40 kilometers away from Jomsom. The tower is connected through a microwave link at the Ghiuladanda Repeater station which is at 4350 meters.

With this tower, people in Chusang, Samar, Ghami, Surkhang and even from Tangwe to Jaite in Jomsom Korala highway will have access to GSM mobile service. It will not only benefit the 400 households there but also provide services for tourists in the upper Mustang and Damodar Kunda areas.

In the same way, the BTS in Dolakha covers Melung Village, Dadakharka, Chinne, Fadke, Sarnthali, GhalDada, Bhedfu of Dolakha and Fulasi, Daduwa, Hariya Chinne of Ramechhap. With this, more than 4000 people in the area will be benefitted.

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