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Nepal Telecom launches a new Social Networking Site with an Investment of 10 Crores

meet.net.npNepal Telecom has unveiled a new social networking portal named “Meet” with an objective to develop and endure relations among the customers. Meet was brought in use time back, but it has been officially launched today.


Minister for Information and Communications, Mr. Sherdhan Rai inaugurated the Meet by chatting with NTC Bhojpur Chief, Mr. Ram Kumar Mahji. Users can exchange pictures, audio and visual, and script using this site. Meet also allows NTC staff to interact with customers on several services offered by the company.

The network has brought with an investment of 10 Crore 20 Lakh and 24 thousand according to the company. You can access this new networking site under the domain, www.meet.net.np.

Nepali Telecom will provide 10 Free SMS to customer using this service. The customers can also avail of additional facility to send multiple messages in one-go by paying a certain fee in a package. The company aims to add multiple services on the site in order extend good relation with its customers.

On the occasion, Minister Rai expressed belief that the new social networking site launched by the NTC would be beneficial to all.

In order to use Meet, you need to register your account under this link http://www.meet.net.np/meet/register. You will require GSM or CDMA phone number to register the account. After, you have successfully registered your account, you can start using Meet.


  • what a waste!! instead of providing low cost, functional telecom service, why is NT trying to compete with Facebook, Linkedin and Googles of the world.

    when so many nepalis are working abroad, NT could have instead used all that money to lower its rate to call home. NT runs one of the most expensive phone services for those calling from outside.

  • This meet.com.np was made using open sources enlisted below:-

    Client-side components
    sipML5 HTML5 SIP client using webrtc2sip Gateway.
    Enjoy our live demo »
    clik2dial A complete Click-to-Call Solution using webrtc2sip Gateway and sipML5.
    Enjoy our live demo »
    webrtc-everywhere WebRTC extension for Safari, Opera, Firefox and IE.
    SIP video client for Windows Phone 8 and Surface Pro
    IMS/RCS Client for Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8
    iDoubs SIP/IMS VideoPhone for iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch) and MAC OS X.
    IMSDroid SIP/IMS Client for Android.
    libSigComp Signaling Compression (SigComp) library
    Server-side components
    webrtc2sip Smart SIP and Media Gateway to connect WebRTC endpoints to any SIP-legacy network.
    Enjoy our live demo »
    telepresence Open Source TelePresence system with a smart and powerful MCU.
    Enjoy our live demo »
    Flash2IMS Adobe® Flash® to SIP/IMS Gateway.

    Google them for more details.
    It doesn’t take more than 1 lakh ruppees to develop it and launch it. It doesn’t take more than rupees 10,000 per month to sustain its servers. One server with good enough power will handle 1 million users easily.

    So this is a scam done with government’s money. Please help CIAA file corruption cases and withdraw money from where it has been stolen. Nepalese are educated these days and can find how web based systems are made and find their actual worth.

    I am filing a case today


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