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Nepal Telecom Launches New Festive Offers

With the arrival of the biggest festival Dashain and Tihar, many companies have also come with many offers to add up the happiness of their costumes. Giving continuity to its traditions of previous years, Nepal Telecom has also launched special offers and discounts among its audience. These offers have been launched on the occasion of Dashain, Tihar and Chatta.


The Telecom has decided to distribute SIM/RUIM is RS 90 with with a talk time of 50 rupees. Currently, the SIM/RUIM is being distributed in 200 rupees and it has a talk time of worth 100 rupees. These new schemes will be applied from Khartik 2072. Nepal Telecom has also requested the costumers to activate the SIM cards currently being sold until end of Ashoj, else the talk time value will also be equal to Rs. 50.

Besides, these offers, Telecom has launched other several schemes under different category. In order to explore all those offers, have a look on this pdf from official site of Nepal Telecom .

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