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NT Provides Free Browsing for Over 600 Govt Websites

Nepal Telecom (NT), a state-owned telecommunication service provider, has made provisions for its users to browse more than 600 government website (under gov.np) free of charge from NT GSM mobile services.

nepal telecom free websites
Image Credit: Nepal Telecom

The company, on April 25, 2017, shared the news with the general public. In an official statement, Ms. Kamini Rajbhandari, Managing Director at Nepal Telecom, said, “NT has launched free website browsing service with an aim to provide user-friendly and tech-friendly service to our users.” She added that NT will introduce similar consumer-centric facilities in the days to come.

This initiative started from April 14 (Baisakh 1st 2074) but most people were unaware of it till the Press Meet on April 25. The initiative in itself is a bold move made with the aim to improve e-governance in Nepal.

The websites that are available for free browsing includes websites of Ministry of Education, Seismology Department, Nepal Police, Tourism Department, Nepal Government and many others. While these may not be the top websites used in Nepal, they are certainly the most important ones.

Similarly, Rajbhandari also informed that NT has begun billing convergent of its fibre-to-the-home and ADSL services in a real-time billing system.

NT has also started delivering 3G services in Rara Lake of Mugu district. The company hoped that this service would help promote local tourism as people will have increased accessibility to information and communication.

Furthermore, NT has banned it’s employees from using social media sites during office hours in a bid to provide additional bandwidth for its customers. This rule comes into effect after the central office of NT at Bhradrakali, Kathmandu received complaints directed at staff using these sites. The banned sites include Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

To see the Nepal Telecom free websites list, click the link below.


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