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Nepal to India Railway Service to Come into Operation This October


The Nepal to India cross border passenger railway service’s first phase is to come into operation this October. It will operate on a 34 Km stretch from Kurtha of Dhanusha district in Nepal to Jaynagar of India.

The details:

  • Currently, work is being done to start the first phase of the service.
  • Construction of offices and residential quarters for staffs at various train stations is about to be completed while bridges are to be competed in the next 15 days.
  • The second phase of the project is also moving ahead at a rapid pace though it is having land acquisition problems.

About the project:

  • The railway service stretches a total of 69 Km and will connect Bardibas of Nepal to Jaynagar of India. It is being built at cost of Rs. 8.8 billion.
  • The project has three phases.
  • The first phase comprises construction of 34 Km segment between Jaynagar and Kurtha.
  • The second phase comprises construction of 18 Km segment from Kurtha to Bhangaha of Mahottari district.
  • And the third phase of work comprises construction of 17 Km segment from Bhangaha to Bardibas of Mahottari.

The track was initially built by the British to transport logs from Mahottari to India 80 years ago. It had a 52 Km stretch from Bijulpura of Mahottari in Nepal to Jaynagar of India but most of it was swept away by floods.

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