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Nepal Gas Launches Non-explosive Cylinders

Recently, non-explosive cooking gas has reached the market of Nepal. They were launched by the Nepal Gas Industries.

According to the company, the cylinders are made up of a combination of fiber and plastic that makes them fire resistant; they will not explode even when engulfed in fire. That makes it a safer option than the regular gas cylinders available now.

Moreover, these cylinders are translucent so customers will be able to see the level of LPG gas remaining in their containers. The cylinders have some other safety features such as gas leak detection, shut-off valve, and safety protection. These cylinders are also eco-friendly, durable, and resistant to UV rays.

As for the price of the cylinders, they are available in two sizes. One in 14.2 kg cylinders that cost Rs 9,255 and the other in 5 kg cylinders that cost Rs 6,955.

According to Gokul Bhandari, executive director of the company, the company had imported 10,000 of these cylinders in the first lot. Depending upon the reaction of the consumers, the company has plans to manufacture the cylinders themselves.

For distribution, the cylinders are available at the various dealer and distribution networks of the company. The company has also announced Mero Kirana as their online delivery partner, to deliver these cylinders within the valley. Presently, the company has more than 260 dealers for household customer service in Kathmandu and more than 200 dealers outside the valley.

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