Nepal Breakthroughs to make World’s First Debris Management App

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), in collaboration with Microsoft’s local partner, MIC Nepal has designed the world’s first app on Debris management. Debris refers to scattered fragments, typically of something wrecked or destroyed. This application could be used globally to create database of damage caused by disasters, volume of debris collected and number of workers.

The purpose of this application is to carry out the work related to management of debris that was created by the massive earthquake hit Nepal on April and May through means of Smartphone.


Before designing this application, creating such database was a lengthy process, it had to be done manually by noting down all the information’s like house owner names, their contact details and details of the structure of the house.

Now,with the help of this application named as “Debris Management Programme” the person/volunteer on the field can simply use Smartphone and create a database of all the information. The collected data can be stored in the phone or on cloud if there is the access to the internet.

Taking picture of the damaged part instantly, selecting name of the district and others form the drop-down list are some of the features that will help reduce the tiresome process of manually inserting data.

Another unique feature of this application operates on the windows platform, it automatically gives the information on the volume of the debris demolition  that will be created after one provides the information such as length, breadth and height of the damaged infrastructure along with the width of wall and materials used in the construction. With this information one can calculate how much money one needs  to be spent to get the debris clear.


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Written by Sanjeev Mainali

Sanjeev Mainali is an undergraduate student, currently studying B.Sc.CSIT at Deerwalk Institute of Technology. When he isn’t glued to a computer screen, he passes his time playing football, singing and trying really hard not to be the worst basketball player.

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