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Nepal Airlines Corporation to Buy Two Wide-Body Aircraft

Image: Nepal Dispatch

Nepal Airlines Corporation to buy two new narrow-body aircraft reports Online Khabar.

General Manager Sugat Ratna Kansakar, of Nepal Airlines Corporation(NAC), recently signed a contract with AAR CORP representative to buy two aircraft. This is considered the largest deal in Nepal’s aviation history so far.

The NAC had been listed as the airlines serving highest number of the international passenger last year. But there has been a recent drop in the number of flights by 40 per cent. NAC took the initiative to buy aircraft to retain this very holding and expand their market. The government is also supporting this project to promote tourism.

The procurement for the process of buying the aircraft started in September. NAC is to buy two wide-body jets A330-299 series worth 209.6 million US dollars within October 2018.

NAC has only one Boeing 757-200 and two narrow-body Airbuses in the present.  With this deal, the NAC will have five planes, enabling it to serve more new destination. The wide-body jets will also result in the cheaper airfares.

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