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Nepalflix and SongsNepal in YouTube Partnership

Nepalflix and SongsNepal have signed a partnership for YouTube services on April 30, 2018. The two leading digital entertainment providers of Nepal aim to provide the audience with better access to great music content by working  together to release fresh contents.

The Details:

  • SongsNepal is one of the leading music distributors in Nepal, with a large exclusive collection of music videos and a loyal subscriber base of over 750,000.
  • Nepalflix is an initiative of Chaudhary Group and Bongo. Bongo, the market leader in digital entertainment in Bangladesh, works with telecom operators to bring digital video consumption to the mainstream audience.
  • The main objective behind the partnership of the two company is to create a broad platform for premium Nepali audio and video contents and to enable content creators to bring their work to the limelight.
  • The partnership marks the beginning of a collaboration often seen on YouTube. The partnership with SongsNepal opens up the opportunity for both companies to use the existing distribution network for music content.
  • Internationally, the partnership can also help bring Nepali music to the diaspora communities in South East Asia and the Middle East.

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