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Nepal Electricity Authority to Install 50+ Charging Station Across Nepal

“Is Nepal Government Promoting Electric Vehicles?”

If you had asked me that a few years ago, I would’ve probably said no. However, both the Government and the Nepali public is strongly supporting the idea of pro-green movement in Nepal.

Just a week ago, Sundar Yatayat initiated operation of electric buses inside Kathmandu valley. Right now, seven electric buses are currently operating. Yes, more electric buses are expected to be added in the future.

Moreover, the electric buses are operational alongside 35000+ electric two-wheelers, 5000+ three-wheelers, 650+ electric cars along with few other kinds. Furthermore, the road-tax exemption along with low import charges, the numbers will just go on increasing.

Obviously, with the demand for the electric vehicle being an all-time high, building charging stations is the next logical step. Everything just adds up! It is possible and feasible!

What’s NEA’s Plan?

Well, the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) won’t just stand on the side doing nothing. Plus, NEA has a surplus in electricity after a very long time.

Nepal Electricity Authority(NEA) Managing Director Kulman Ghising. POST PHOTO/PRAKASH CHANDRA TIMILSENA

According to reports, NEA is planning to install 50+ charging station across the country. Moreover, the charging stations will be built within a year and a half.

Right now, they are currently on a look-out for public places to install the charging stations. Furthermore, the charging stations will be fully automated with “self serve” service. Moreover, consumers car access/pay for the charging station via QR Codes, Online Payments, etc.

That sounds amazing! Realistically, I am pessimistic about the “year and half” deadline. However, I hope that I am wrong about this.

Honestly, it’s a Government deadline… So, it may or it may not come to fruition, especially within that time frame. Guess, only time will tell.

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