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Nepali Restaurant, Naulo, Becomes Nepal’s First to Hire Robots as Waiters

Naulo, a restaurant in Durbarmarg has introduced robot servers working in their establishment instead of traditional human servers. It is Nepal’s first automated restaurant. The five robot servers working there which were built in Nepal by Paaila Technology.

naulo robot servers

According to Niraj Basnet, co-founder of Paaila, all customer-facing services have been digitized and the system has become more efficient. He added that customers could expect the food to arrive within fifteen minutes of ordering.

The robots serve food to the customers and they can also hold basic conversations with the customers. They also return back to their charging stations on their own.

Basnet informed that the robots were a huge hit with the customers and especially the children. He also expressed his belief that the technology could be transformational and with a wide range of applications. Once the technology is patented, Basnet hopes to expand to other restaurants in the city.

Binay Raut, CEO of Paaila, informed that the company had been working on creating prototypes for the past two years and traveling to other countries to advance their research about service robots. A year ago, Paila Technology had introduced a prototype, Pari, as an usher at the Nepal SBI Bank.

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