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My Map, Don’t Get Lost in Nepal – App Review

My MapNepal can be a country to get lost in easily. The beauty, the culture and the people will take your breath away. So what if you are visiting a new place and do not know where you are? You need a map to look at. With smart phones today everything can be done easily, including looking at maps.

My Map offers users a new way to look at maps without the hassle of having to constantly stay connected to data connections or Wi-Fi networks.

My Map offers users offline maps of Nepal. The app includes offline search feature to help users locate their favorite places and share various locations along with places and spots among friends and family. Exploring new places has never been easier. Getting lost is a problem of the past. Let your friends know where you are and invite them to the most “happening” places are located. For travelers and adventure seekers, this app is a must.

The map data has been provided by OpenStreetMap (OSM), so the maps are updated almost every day and are made more detailed.


  • Totally offline map of Nepal. Users can save the data charges this way.
  • Searches can be done offline as well.
  • Users can bookmark their favorite places.
  • Share new and exciting places and locations with friends and family. Also, let the, know where you are.
  • For anyone who is interested, they can contribute and help make the map bigger, better and more detailed.

Do not get lost in Nepal but, get lost in its beauty.

Final Say about the app


This app is simple and comfortable. It offers all of the popular feature that you would expect. Download/Update the map of the place where you would like to go or are about to go. Find where your destination is and follow the map towards it. The easy steps are sure to make this app a popular one.

User Interface

The UI looks cool and each and every user will have no problem on how to use it. The maps are detailed and the roads and paths are easy to follow.

Download it today.

For Android: https://goo.gl/rQRlg3

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