My City Pulse App – Keep Yourself Updated about the Events in the City

My City Pulse app lists out all the events and promotions in and around the city. Considered to be the fastest approach to be informed up to date, according to Featherwebs, the developers, My City Pulse, is the best app for those who keep pondering where there’s a happy hour happening around them. This app is available for free for both Android and iOS devices.

The app offers three major features, which for ease and simplicity are separated in the three different tabs.



Every exciting events like concerts, parties or music festivals happening in the city is covered in the EVENT section. You can always get the whole information about the event whenever you find a suitable one to visit. Also, there is a “GET DIRECTIONS” button present in the EVENT section which allows you to get the directions to the place where the event is happening. Also, this app can be used as a medium to promote any event by the organizers.

Additionally, the “GET OFFERS” feature provides you with special offers like discount vouchers, free drinks, and free entrance on any fascinating event if you log into this app with your Facebook.


The exact location of the events is mapped in this feature which can come handy all the time especially to people who are from outside the city or country. The map will show the nearest events around you whenever you turn on your GPS on your phone. The events are symbolized by Pins, these pins change color depending on the number of people attending the event.

The pins are categorized as follows:

  • Yellow pin: It indicates there are 20 people or less at the event.
  • Green pin: It means there are between 20 to 100 people.
  • Red pin: It indicates there are over a 100 people there.


As already mentioned, this app can be used as an advertising platform by the organizers of various events, this section even covers the special deals different businesses are offering and notify them to the users. This plays a great role in promoting your business with the help of this app.

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Flaws and Feedback

As a user of this app, I would have loved if the application would ask me to turn on the GPS as soon as I visited the LIVE MAP section. Also, even when I turned on the GPS, the app was unable to access my current location. Because of this, I had a bit bad impression on it.

In the EVENT section, if the event date has passed then I would prefer the app would make some proper changes to notify the users that the event date has already passed.In the EVENT section, if the event date has passed then I would prefer the app would make some proper changes to notify the users that the event date has already passed.

Not only this, the app also redirects you to Google maps when you press “GET DIRECTION” button. Using a third party app to perform the features of the app is a little bit odd. The app would look more promising if it provided the map to the users from within the app itself.

Also, when I clicked on the “WHAT’S HAPPENING” button inside the help section of the app, it asked me to use the “WHAT’S HAPPENING” tab in the app but the tab doesn’t exist.

The app has many bugs and is too slow. It doesn’t respond well and lags a lot. The images seem to be squeezed in the EVENT and PROMOTION section which is making the user navigation quite bad.


Taking everything into account, the app is the one and only app that keeps the users updated about the events happening in the city. It looks useful and favorable for the business market as well. Also, this app can be too useful to the tourists or the people who are new to the city which will also help in improvising the tourism sector. If the bugs are solved and the app maintained accordingly, then the app is wonderful.

Download My City Pulse app: Android, iOS

What do you think about My City Pulse app? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. 



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