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Most Popular Types Of Mobile Apps In 2022

Phones took over our lives. The first thing most people do in the morning is to check their phones; the last thing they do before bed is to check their favorite apps. Statistics show that we get anxious when we forget our phones at home or our phone’s battery is below 20%.

We spend, on average, between 3-4 hours a day on our phones. Numerous studies conclude the same thing, and some even mention how the increase in phone usage decreased the usage of TVs.

Social Media Platforms

There is no surprise that the first category is about Social Media platforms. In the first three months of this year, all phone users installed a total number of 37 billion apps. About 28 billion of them are installed on Android. The same paper shows that Social Media apps are the top 5 most downloaded apps.

These apps are a good distraction from the 9 to 5 job or school. You can get funny but also valuable information to learn. You can learn how to cook, dance, take pictures, or tips and tricks to write a CV.

Food Delivery

Food Delivery and grocery apps have been trendy since they started working, but the traveling restrictions have boomed their popularity over the past two years. They are some of the most user-friendly apps. The collection of restaurants with different cuisines and offers is easy to find but hard to choose from.

You can order food or your groceries while you’re stuck in traffic and get home by the time the delivery arrives.

Online Gambling

Apart from the typical mobile games, online gambling saw an increase in the number of their users this past few years. Convenient and secure, mobile gambling apps have become among the most used apps in 2022.

Some gamblers prefer playing games of chance in the browser, but most punters made the transition. The mobile platforms work just as well as the website and have the same features and facilities. They are just more comfortable and easy to access.


Modern days require modern solutions. The top 20 most used apps include dating apps too. It’s easier for younger generations to interact with strangers on the internet. Then if things go well, they meet and spend time together.

Like the music streaming apps, you can pay for different subscriptions or choose the free version. In 2020, the most used dating platform had over 6.6 million paid subscriptions.

Music & Movies Streaming

Many studies don’t present the exact time a person listens to music in a day. But paper and news talk about an ascending trend, and we can’t deny it. Music can be listened to while using the phone for another activity, such as playing games or strolling on social media.

Most music apps offer people a free version where they listen to music but with ads from time to time. One of the top streaming platforms for music has over 350 million users, and almost half of them have paid subscriptions.

Movie streaming services don’t usually have free apps. People choose to download the platforms and pay for subscriptions because they know it’s a good value for money. High-quality, non-stop shows are the reasons people choose to pay.


Travel platforms made travel more accessible and convenient. Travel apps help you plan the perfect vacation. You can find different transportation, places to spend the night, attractions, and dining places in your interest area.

You can also pay for commodities such as bookings and guided tours in-app. Most apps have a blog section that provides tips and tricks about your travel experience. Some even explain prices and fees and help you with the paperwork you must bring to the airport.


If you don’t own a car, you already know this topic will be present here. There is no time for waiting for the bus or taking the subway on different occasions. Perhaps you are late for work or going out to a party and want to get home safe.

There are enough reasons people choose to download an app that gets a car in front of their house. In fact, there are over 540 million people who use these apps at the current time, all around the world.

Conclusion downloading…

People spend additional time on their smartphones, and companies understand that. It’s both fair and convenient for both parties to offer apps for anything that matters. All industries will implement or update the latest technology for their customers’ accommodation.

If you feel like you have it all and others are less fortunate than you, don’t forget that more prominent NGOs also created apps. Their platforms help you understand the cause, donate money, or share the information presented and spread awareness. Just tap on your smartphone, and you can win a Jackpot, plan a whole vacation, or find your soulmate.

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